Buenos Aires in bits and bites

When you live in such a huge city, it´s hard to feel like you´ve got a good grip on it since there´s no way to know it all. And sometimes that hugeness can make you block out your surroundings and not pay attention to the little bits of beauty that can be found all around if only you keep your eyes open.

And having grown up in the suburbs, there´s just so much I have left to discover. So I decided to make an effort to explore more and to drag my camera everywhere so I could capture it.

Which is why I´m planning to make this a weekly, bi-weekly or at least a monthly series, so those of you abroad can get to know the city a bit more along with me, and those of you who live here or have already visited can see it under a different light. Hope you like it!

Iglesia de Guadalupe
Iglesia de Guadalupe (between Charcas and Medrano)

Iglesia de Guadalupe

Iglesia de Guadalupe

graffity shrine
Shrine to all things graffiti (check out the monkeys above the columns!)

graffity shrine

Art in the park (in Plaza Armenia, between Costa Rica and Armenia)

the body, deconstructed

city art

Jewish food
Jewish New Year celebrations (in this case, just the food)

Jewish New Year


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14 responses to “Buenos Aires in bits and bites

  1. That was excellent, a wonderful little bit of the city.

  2. jorgedelatierra

    I am glad to see your pictures, they made me forget the crazyness of our city!

    Congrats for your blog!

  3. I like the crazy wall graffiti, and the food of course!

  4. KatieDery

    Hey Pip!
    My friends were just in Buenos Aires and said that they went to this amazing private restaurant. Just thought I’d pass along the info in case you were interested:

    Casa de Felix
    Chacarita, Buenos Aires
    Phone: 15 6712 4173


  5. nice little ode to your not so little city

    i love the graffiti!

  6. Wonderfull!!! I’ll check this serie for sure.

  7. ohhh.. you’re right. i DO love the graffiti shrine!

  8. Very nice pictures here! I love the architecture of the city!

  9. YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for this. 🙂 I can’t wait to see more!

  10. Hi Marcela, how are you doing? Nice pictures. Saludos!

  11. Thanks for this mini break! You took some really cool shots!

  12. Pat

    I live in Washington D.C. and want to visit BA sometime. Thank you for sharing your beautiful city. Your pictures are so clear and sharp. Mind telling me what kind of camera you used?

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