Buenos Aires in bits and bites IV

Today we are starting with the “bites” section.

Here is some delicious ice cream from Persicco (I had white chocolate and something called tarta di limone, which is basically a deconstructed lemon meringue pie.)


Modern Palermo:


Older, and definitely more charming, Palermo:


Art, trying to resist the war against time and the weather:


The hilarious sign of an eye doctor for pets:


And a bit of cheap philosophy to mix things up a little bit:

(The translation would be “Are you the player or the piece?”)

For the previous posts, see I here, II here, and III here.


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3 responses to “Buenos Aires in bits and bites IV

  1. Ice cream please! Marce that ice cream shot is fantastic. Um. . . 5 AM is not really the time for ice cream is it.
    Specially like the dog in glasses and the player or the piece!

  2. Oh my that ice cream shot has me drooling!!

  3. That ice cream shot is great! I love the dish. I’ve never seen anything like that shape here in the US. It’s edible, right? Lovely…

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