Open for business

I´m back, and it didn´t take me 3 years this time around!

I´m here to announce that this Friday, October 21st, my baking venture, Chai Pastelería, opens its virtual doors. I can hardly believe the day is finally here to be honest.

Torta de chocolate y café con crema de caramelo y escamas de sal gris

It took months of careful planning, website design (done by yours truly, which explains the delay!), baking, photographing, designing the logo with a graphic designer friend, finding the right boxes for the products, and on and on.

But now it´s all done and I can start actually working and enjoying the fruits of my labor… or slaving myself in the kitchen, depends on how you look at it!

You can see the website here (so far, it´s only in Spanish, but I´ll get the English version running in a few weeks at most). And you can find me in Facebook here and Twitter here.

brownies de chocolate blanco

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to taking your orders and/or sharing a cooking class with you!


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3 responses to “Open for business

  1. Lidia C.

    ¡Pip querida! Se te extrañó mucho. Por favor, no abandones este hermosísimo blog.

    Es uno de mis grandes favoritos.

    Te mando un abrazo muy grande desde el barrio de Núñez, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

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