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Pip… in a new city (NYC)

It´s so bizarre, but in a good way, to be in a place you recognize and feel at home in without having ever been there before. That´s how New York felt for me from the very start. When I got there the first night, I just walked around the hotel and felt utterly blissful.

love it

That being said, the crazy shopping and walking schedule I imposed on myself did get me a tad tired, but when you have just 4 and a half days in NYC overall, you suck it up and keep walking.

Plus half of the walking was also self-imposed because I was convinced I was going to end up utterly lost if I dared to take the subway, even though I´m used to taking the subway here in Buenos Aires… though then again, it doesn´t have as many lines, and I am literally the sort of person who always takes the wrong turn, it´s the sort of dilemma whenever I have to choose which way to go, and I tell myself to go against my instincts because they are always wrong, but then I just can´t bring myself to go against my gut, which turns out to be wrong, yet again.



So anyways, crappy sense of direction and an unknown subway grid are a bad combination, but I really shouldn´t have been afraid for that long because when I did get tired of walking on my last day in NYC and took the subway, to my utter shock, I didn´t get lost!

Among the many pleasures the city had in store for me was meeting the lovely Deb of Smitten Kitchen for lunch at Tabla restaurant. I´m quite new to Indian food so I´m by no means an expert, but that was a remarkable meal, especially the thin cornmeal-crust pizza with spinach and soft goat cheese (trying not to drool over the keyboard here). I have no pictures of that for you, but I do recommend you stop by next time you go to NY.

Also food-related was my kid-in-a-toy-store moment at the Chelsea Market. Thank heavens it was the very last day of my trip, otherwise my poor budget would have had a hard time recovering from that excursion. There I got the mini pans I showed you in the previous post plus some other toys I have yet to show you, a cute Moroccan rug for my apartment, and lunch (meaning a simple but delicious ham-butter-homemade bread sandwich from Amy´s bread), and a very chocolatey cookie I took with me to Central Park to enjoy in a bench soaking it all in.

kodak moment


say no more


I don´t have pictures of my other food-related adventures there, and I only got to do about 20% in that area of what I had originally thought I´d do, but there´s really only so much I can eat in a few days, and as I kept telling myself while I was there, this was my first trip to NYC, but it certainly won´t be my last, so I´m just glad I got to immerse myself in that whirlwind of a city for a few days. And I´m also glad I was ballsy enough to do it all by myself, which got a bit hard at times, but mostly it was interesting in terms of meeting new people and discovering new strengths in myself.



And if you want to check out the full NYC set on Flickr, click here

Next up, Seattle!


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Pip… unplugged

I´m back!!! Everything got fixed this morning… at 9 a.m., way too early for me since I had been out with friends till 2 a.m. and didn´t bother going to bed before 3 a.m., but this was definitely one of those cases when I don´t particularly mind sleeping less than usual.

If you had only seen me on Tuesday! I pretty much looked like a crackhead going cold turkey hahaha I do have an excuse though, I was already up to my neck with deadlines, and suddenly I had no means to upload and download stuff from the server. So what´s a girl to do? Go to one of the restaurants I have just outside of my apartment, thus solving two problems: what to have for lunch and how to upload stuff. What I wasn´t counting on was my computer not picking up their wi-fi signal correctly, but that´s another story.

A testament to how good the food is that I was able to enjoy the meal even though I was about to have a nervous breakdown hahaha AND, though it can be pricey at night, they have a very affordable lunch menu: starter, main course, drink and dessert for 20 pesos (less than 7 dollars).

I chose meat-mushroom empanadas for the starter, cheese-filled potato gnocchi with a gourgeous tomato sauce with arugula pesto… and I´m ashamed to say I chose to have coffee instead of dessert (which brought the price even lower to 18 pesos) because I knew my mind was not in a good place to allow me to fully enjoy the dessert.

Unfortunately, I don´t have any pictures of the whole deliciousness, but I do have their site (which has pictures under “fotos“) and I promise to be a good blogger next time I go and take some pictures myself. I´d definitely recommend going there for lunch if you live here or come here for a visit.

In the meantime, I recommend you follow my footsteps and make arugula pesto (this recipe doesn´t use garlic though, pesto without garlic??? WTF!). I simply made mine with a bunch of arugula, 3 garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon of parmessan and olive oil. I have it safely tucked in my fridge and used it for lunch today to make a very simple, yet very tasty, tomato-egg salad.


Oh, and I got the cutest coffe mug the other day, to add to my already large, and VERY ecclectic, collection.


crazy mug collection

crazy mug collection

I´ll to be back soon with a more focused post… no actual promises, you know, but at least I´ll try not to unleash 100 things at the same time without actually elaborating on anything in particular! Until then, please bear with this rambling mind for a while.


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