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Buenos Aires in bits and bites V

First of all, I´m sorry for the slow pace the blog has been having this year. It´s just that I´m spending quite a considerable amount of time daydreaming about and planning for my trip to the US in April.

Japanese garden

The backlog of recipes and pictures is getting bigger with each passing week, but I can´t seem to focus on writing about food right now. I promise I will try to sit down and describe a recipe or two soon, but in the meantime I was hoping to entertain you with some pictures I took in the Japanese garden in Buenos Aires around two months ago.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

It´s quite the interesting place to visit because it´s just such a quiet little spot in the middle of the city. So one delightful spring afternoon my friend Jenny and I went there to relax, and chat about everything and nothing at the same time… not to mention attend a free seminar about Japanese cooking which turned into a true test to Jenny´s Spanish skills because, as you should know, if you can understand Spanish with a thick Japanese accent, you are on your road to success, so way to go, Jenny!

pato pato


Japanese garden

Anyways, I hope the new year is being kind to you all. I´m gonna be back in a few days with recipes, and I also see a post about the trip coming up since that´s all I seem to think about lately.

so dangerous indeed!
The translation would be “do not climb the waterfalls, danger”. First of all, the waterfalls are more like an open faucet, and secondly, who does that?


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Buenos Aires in bits and bites IV

Today we are starting with the “bites” section.

Here is some delicious ice cream from Persicco (I had white chocolate and something called tarta di limone, which is basically a deconstructed lemon meringue pie.)


Modern Palermo:


Older, and definitely more charming, Palermo:


Art, trying to resist the war against time and the weather:


The hilarious sign of an eye doctor for pets:


And a bit of cheap philosophy to mix things up a little bit:

(The translation would be “Are you the player or the piece?”)

For the previous posts, see I here, II here, and III here.


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Buenos Aires in bits and bites III

I have always had a thing for design, in different expressions, but even more so when it comes to home design. I think I have watched every Changing Rooms episode there is, and, wallet allowing, I´d redecorate my house all the time (though I´d settle with finishing to decorate!). For the time being, I try to get inspiration from different sources and apply them to my budget (like my pseudo-Asian coffee table.)

Which is why I HAD to go to an event called Casa FOA, a fund-raising yearly expo in which architects renovate a small beaten-down area of Buenos Aires and create impressive spaces with innovative designs.

Street art (pictured, Tato Bores, a true icon in political comedy)

Mexican restaurant


Trash as art


Fancy rails (made out of green and purple Venetian tiles)

Mock-ups from previous installments of Casa FOA



The trees were cold apparently


Lounging in style




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Buenos Aires in bits and bites II

Well, apparently it´s going to be more of a monthly event than a weekly or bi-weekly. For the first installment, click here.

This time, it´s another stroll through my beloved neighborhood, Palermo, with the lovely and very talented Jenny from True Nature.


We went to this awesome soap shop called Savater Hnos. I´ve been meaning to visit for a while, and oh my god, does that place smell great or what? Though it does need some sort of warning because after a while your nostrils get overburdened and try to shut down.

Savater Hermanos

too cute

soapy heaven

But the store is absolutely adorable and it has hilarious bits like these:

hahaha no comments

And there are some elaborate window displays over here (I love those carpets and the huge birdcage.)

Palermo store

Palermo store

This store has baking supplies and all the things your kid would love to have in his/her bday party… and sort of screams at you when you are walking by.

pastry supplies shop


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Good day sunshine


Today is the first day of Spring here in Buenos Aires… which means tons of picnics all over the city, usually involving more alcohol than food, as excited teenagers celebrate both spring and what is also officially student´s day here in Argentina. So as you can imagine, there are sandwiches, mate (a typical Argentine drink I need to explain someday), tons of gossiping, checking out students from other schools, making out in the wilderness and the like, I´m sure you are getting the idea.

Of course, I´m much too old for such a high-school celebration of spring, and being an “adult” I had to work today, but since spring is my favorite season and work has kept me away from blogging for a while, I figured I´d celebrate spring with you all through pictures. Enjoy!






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Buenos Aires in bits and bites

When you live in such a huge city, it´s hard to feel like you´ve got a good grip on it since there´s no way to know it all. And sometimes that hugeness can make you block out your surroundings and not pay attention to the little bits of beauty that can be found all around if only you keep your eyes open.

And having grown up in the suburbs, there´s just so much I have left to discover. So I decided to make an effort to explore more and to drag my camera everywhere so I could capture it.

Which is why I´m planning to make this a weekly, bi-weekly or at least a monthly series, so those of you abroad can get to know the city a bit more along with me, and those of you who live here or have already visited can see it under a different light. Hope you like it!

Iglesia de Guadalupe
Iglesia de Guadalupe (between Charcas and Medrano)

Iglesia de Guadalupe

Iglesia de Guadalupe

graffity shrine
Shrine to all things graffiti (check out the monkeys above the columns!)

graffity shrine

Art in the park (in Plaza Armenia, between Costa Rica and Armenia)

the body, deconstructed

city art

Jewish food
Jewish New Year celebrations (in this case, just the food)

Jewish New Year


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