Buenos Aires in bits and bites II

Well, apparently it´s going to be more of a monthly event than a weekly or bi-weekly. For the first installment, click here.

This time, it´s another stroll through my beloved neighborhood, Palermo, with the lovely and very talented Jenny from True Nature.


We went to this awesome soap shop called Savater Hnos. I´ve been meaning to visit for a while, and oh my god, does that place smell great or what? Though it does need some sort of warning because after a while your nostrils get overburdened and try to shut down.

Savater Hermanos

too cute

soapy heaven

But the store is absolutely adorable and it has hilarious bits like these:

hahaha no comments

And there are some elaborate window displays over here (I love those carpets and the huge birdcage.)

Palermo store

Palermo store

This store has baking supplies and all the things your kid would love to have in his/her bday party… and sort of screams at you when you are walking by.

pastry supplies shop



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11 responses to “Buenos Aires in bits and bites II

  1. lovely colorful photos. one day – i hope – i will make it there!!

  2. manzANA

    Marce, you’re so encouraging me to go to Argentina! It looks so beautiful… 🙂

  3. Such pretty shops! I wish we had shops like that here.

    I miss you. 😦 How’s our girl?


  4. I actually can’t tell what’s in the photos. Is that soap?

    Beautiful pictures!!

  5. Meeta- I hope you do make it here someday. When you do, let me know 😉

    Manzana- Well, I think the people in tourism need to start paying me! hahaa I think now is the best time to come since the currency situation makes Argentina very cheap for foreigners.

    Lisa- Yeah, the shops are totally cool. I miss you too. Our girl is doing great, though now she´s a lady, remember 😉

    Rachael- Yeah, that´s all soap! It´s an artisan soap “factory” and they make soaps in all shapes, scents and colors.

  6. aaachooo! hehehe. aw, i love your pictures of our day – i wrapped up my soaps for christmas gifts already, and they still fill my whole entire bedroom with the smell of lavendar… mmm.

  7. styphan

    Please email me the address of this shop, as i would love to pay it a visit when i am down there!?
    thank you stephan

  8. Jenny- So true! Don´t they smell terrific? My ginger soap makes my bathroom smell terrific.

    Styphan- There´s a link in the post to the official site of the shop, with the address, but I´ll copy it here anyway: Gurruchaga 1821 (it´s in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood called Palermo Viejo or Palermo Soho).

  9. Hola Marce
    Soy bastante nueva en esto de bloggear y queria sacarme un par de dudas…
    Como haces para que se vea el “blog status” al costado del blog y como se hace para agregar un boton (ej: Amazon wish list) tambien al costado del blog?
    Tenes alguna direccion de mail a la que pueda escribirte?

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  11. I thought I would stop by to say how wonderful are your pictures from Buenos Aires and contribute with a useful list of discount stores and
    Outlets in Buenos Aires

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