No, the Daring Baker challenge didn´t kill me or induce a blissful buttery-chocolatey comma, I just haven´t been cooking that many note-worthy recipes lately.

But since I don´t like to leave you empty-handed for longer than a week or so, I´m gonna share some images of my “little” brother making sushi in an attempt to make him stop bugging me about it and show that everyone, and I mean everyone, can make sushi… this is what I call multi-purpose writing, ladies and gentlemen!




And then there´s this broccoli sauté from Giada´s book that I loved, and this wonderful broccoli tortilla I invented (in fact, that´s another one of my problems as a food bloggers, there are many times when I just improvise a meal in 20 or 30 minutes so I can´t be bothered to slow down and record the amounts and the whole process.



But I´m glad to announce this might be my very first sucessful tortilla endeavour… in terms of presentation I mean and the tortilla actually being a whole when I´m done cooking.

Oh, and another one of my excuses for leaving you stranded without much in the way of food or a recipe is the fact that my baby, aka Phoebe, had cataract surgery on her left eye last week so I´ve been occupied with puppy-nursing activities as well. But everything went fine, and even though “the cone” is now gone, it has left us with precious pics like this:


hahaaha I hope that made reading this mess of an entry worth it.

And I´ll be back in a few days with hopefully some more food and an actual recipe, or maybe some pics of Buenos Aires I´ve started taking lately.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I´m planning to take advantage of the early spring and enjoy the city as much as possible (oh, and we have strawberries, people, can´t believe it, bye bye winter, won´t miss you one bit!).


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9 responses to “Random

  1. You want a cookie? 0:-)

  2. moveablefeast

    Wow! Those sushi rolls are really well done! Nice one!


  3. Is that THE brother? He’s cute. 😛

    Pheebs looks adorable in her lil cone! Those brown eyes just make me melt!


  4. Wow! Bro rolls like a pro…sorry could not help it 🙂
    Phoebe still look like a princess…but I am glad to hear the cone is off!

  5. yay for strawberry season! i can’t wait for better tomatoes too…

    did you get your camera fixed? (hi phoebe!)

  6. Your poor puppy! Hope she has a quick recovery.

  7. The sushi looks great! My problem has always been not letting the rice cook long enough, But that sushi looks very good!

  8. Marce, I need to stop by more often. Really, I do. So much has gone on!

    Spring time….ahhh. We are heading into Fall, the trees are changing and the colors are starting to pop. It’s so lovely. And cooler weather means different meals, comfort foods, lots of cocoa.

    I love the photo of your brother rolling sushi. It’s EASY! I always tell people that it doesn’t matter how it looks, just eat it. Your photos of Buenos Aires are gorgeous too. Phoebe!! What a sweet girl!

  9. Hope Phoebe is okay now.

    The children and I made sushi this week – I’d like to learn properly now.

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