at long last… the panettone recipe

What a hectic week! Between Xmas, the puppies and catching up with work, it´s been hard to even think about writing an entry, typing the recipe and translating it.
But it´s about time I do it, otherwise, I´m gonna forget important details about the process and you´ll all end up with a crappy “pan dulce” lol
For those of you who missed the previous entries, I made a Xmas panettone with a twist on Saturday. The typical panettone (at least around here) has all types of nuts and crystallized fruits. There are two main types: the “pan dulce milanés” (panettone from Milan) and the “pan dulce genovés”(Panettone from Genova). The first is baked in a special paper mold and ends up with a mushroom-like shape, and the second one is baked without a mold and ends up with a loaf-like shape.
I went for the “milanés” shape:
Though here you see one of the Genova variety (right) because I ran out of molds lol

The personal twist comes in the filling. I have never ever liked store-bought crystallized fruits, they all taste the same, and it´s not a good taste anyway. I do like most nuts, but the problem with panettones which just have nuts is that it ends up being way too dry.
Another personal neurosis of mine is orange flower water, which is typical of our “pan dulce”. I just can´t find myself enjoying that weird aftertaste.
So, in view of all this pickyness, I decided to make my own panettone suited to my taste… if not everyone else´s haha
I used homemade orangettes, nuts and chocolate chips and I added a bit of cinammon to the dough. The end result was loooooooovely, moist and totally yummy. If you don´t trust me, check it out… or better yet, make it yourself, it´s easy, trust me.

panettone dough




And, as you see, you get a big one, two medium ones and two little ones, so you get a lot for your work. I´m sure they would freeze well, but if you don´t wanna freeze them and you have some left over after 3 or 4 days…
you can make a kind of French toast with it!!!! so very yummy, I just added some cinammon and vanilla, and 2 tablespoons of sugar to an egg-milk mix, soak slices of panettone in it, fry it with a bit of butter in a pan, and voilá. I poured a bit of maple syrup over it.
I can´t recommend it enough.
For visual evidence:

panettone French bread

Ok, after typing this loooooooooooong recipe in two languages, I think I deserve tons of comments hahahaha pretty please? 😉

Panettone (adapted from a recipe by Dolly Irigoyen)

Yeast proofing: fresh yeast (40 grams), sugar (1 T), milk at room temperature (1/2 cup), all purpose flour (1/2 cup).

1. Mix and let it rise covered till it duplicates its volume.

Dough: all purpose flour (600 grams, and 1 extra cup or so to work with the dough after letting it rise), softened butter (200 grams), salt (a pinch), sugar (150 grams), grated lemon and orange rind (to taste, around 4 teaspoons), eggs (5), cinammon (2 teaspoons), vanilla extract (2 teaspoons), malt extract (1 tablespoon, if you can´t get any, use honey).

1. Mix a little and then add the yeast proofing. Mix and knead to form a homogeneous dough.
The dough should be moist, but shouldn´t stick to your hands.

2. Let rise till it doubles its volume.

3. Flatten and incorporate the fruit, nuts and chocolate chips (the total amount can´t be over 600 grams overall). I used 300 grams of chocolate chips, 200 grams of orangettes and 100 grams of nuts.

4. Form balls and place them in buttered panettone molds (it yields 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small). If you don´t have the molds, do them without them.

5. Let them rise till they duplicate their size.

6. Brush with melted butter and then with egg. Cut a cross on top with a razor or a good knife.

7. Bake at 180C (350F) for 60-70 mins for the big one, around 45 for the medium ones and 25-30 for the small ones.

8. Sprinkle with powdered sugar when it is still hot or pour glase over it (I used a lemon-powdered sugar glase).

Pan dulce (receta adaptada a partir de la dada por Dolly Irigoyen en

Esponja: 40 gramos de levadura fresca, 1 cda de azúcar, 1/2 taza de leche a temperatura ambiente, 1/2 taza de harina común.

Mezclar, tapar y dejar duplicar.

Masa: harina común (600 gramos), manteca pomada (200g), 1 pizca de sal, azúcar (150g), ralladura de naranja y limón, huevos (5), canela (2 cditas, también se puede usar agua de azahar si se quiere), escencia de vainilla, extracto de malta (1cda., reemplazar por miel si no se consigue).

1. Mezclar un poco y después agregar la esponja.

2. Mezclar o amasar hasta formar una masa homogénea y húmeda, pero que no se pegue a las manos.

3. Dejar levar hasta que duplique su volumen.

4. Desgasificar e incorporar frutas (esta cantidad de masa aguanta un máximo de 600 gramos de relleno). Yo usé naranjitas confitadas (200 g), chips de chocolate (300 g) y nueces (100g).

5. Armar bollitos y ponerlos en moldes de pan dulce enmantecados (rinde 1 grande, 2 medianos y 2 chicos).

6. Dejar levar hasta duplicar.

7. Pincelar con manteca derretida y después con huevo. Hacer corte en cruz con gillete o cuchillo bien filoso.

8. Hornear a 180C (350F) (alrededor de 60-70 minutos el grande, 45 minutos los medianos y 25-30 minutos los chicos).

9. Espolvorear con azúcar impalpable en caliente o bañar con glasé (yo usé glasé de jugo de limón y azúcar impalpable) o fondant.


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8 responses to “at long last… the panettone recipe


    Those pannetone look marvelous….. just gorgeous. Did they taste as divine as they look?

    I was hoping for puppy pictures too!! Sooon??? Pleaaaaaase!!!

    How’s Maia doing? She being a good and protective mommy?

  2. Marce

    Yes, they did taste as great as they look, really most and full of flavor, particulary of orange with a bit of chocolate, and chocolate and orange are a perfect combo.

    There are puppy pics!!! Just below, in the entry titled “Rebirth”,

    Maia is doing great luckily. At first, she was a bit over-protective and didn´t want anyone near her babies, but not she´s being more of a modern mom, so I can hold them and take them for a ride and she doesn´t mind.

    I´ll be posting more pics soon, so check back 🙂

  3. bean

    Lovely!! How did you make the orangettes?

  4. Marce


    Here is the orangette entry
    Check out Deb´s blog at Smitten Kitchen, she also made an orangette entry and took loads of pics.
    I recommend the orangette recipe even if you just eat it by itself (even just rolled in sugar instead of covered in chocolate is awesome).

    And as a sidenote, I hope your recovery is going smoothly and hope to read all about it in your blog when you feel up for it 🙂

  5. rodica

    how did you make the dough?you put the eggs separate?what about the sugar ?did you disolve in milk?

  6. Lori Charvat

    Hi Pip,

    Your pannetone recipe looks great, and I hope to make some soon. Can you tell me where you got the paper to make the molds?

    Once I give this a try, I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

    Lori in Vancouver, BC, Canada

  7. “at long last the panettone recipe | Pip in the city” in fact got
    me simply hooked on ur site! I actuallywill probably wind up being back more frequently.
    Many thanks ,Aida

  8. Your own post, “at long last the panettone recipe | Pip
    in the city” productreviewsformom was worthy
    of commenting on! Only wished to admit you did a superb job.
    Thanks a lot ,Virgie

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