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Where did the oranges go?

The Daring Bakers are back, did you miss us? Well, I´m sure my hips didn´t!


This month is all about cream and chocolate, so they won´t be getting any sort of rest. When I heard that Mary had chosen Bostini cream pie as our challenge this month with an orange flavored genoise cake, I knew it couldn´t possibly go wrong, I mean, vanilla + orange + chocolate, what´s not to like? Well, I was absolutely shocked to find that many DBs didn´t like the orange-chocolate combo, come on, people, what´s wrong with you?



But I´m afraid to say that in my case, the orange flavor didn´t really come through as much as I would have liked, so if I make it again, I´d use some sort of orange cream instead of the vanilla cream. Or do the raspberry sauce I used for my grandma since she´s allergic to chocolate and pair it with chocolate sauce.



Other than that though, the texture was amazing and the flavors were good, even if a little milder than I would have liked. And it´s the perfect dessert to share with family because it´s something most people will like, so I served it for Mother´s Day here in Argentina last Sunday and it was a hit, as you can see from the smiling faces around the table (and no, I´d like to tell myself the wine my dad is drinking-that he makes himself by the way- had nothing to do with the general atmosphere of joy).

happy tummies

So, to sum it up because the blogroll keeps getting longer and longer and you have mmmm like 200 entries to check out (plus my crazy work schedule means I´ve been working this weekend AND in Argentina we voted for president today so that took a lot of time, and mental energy), do make this one but add more flavor to the cream or a bit of grand marnier to the cake part, you won´t be sorry and you´ll have smiling faces all around you.



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Sticky is good

If you happen to see buns all over the place today, do not panic, you are not losing your mind, it´s just that the Daring Bakers are at it again, and with some 50 new members, this is looking like world domination at this point.


I was in charge of hosting this month, and while I loved picking the challenge, it´s definitely hard to come up with something I thought everyone would enjoy, and at the same time something I hadn´t done before and wanted to try for a while. I didn´t want to choose something difficult just for the sake of it, I just wanted this month to be fun and relaxing.

The answer: cinnamon and sticky buns, using a recipe by Peter Reinhart from The Bread Baker´s Apprentice. I know many people have serious issues with yeast, so I wanted to help encourage them to get over it already, and I had never tried cinnamon or sticky buns before so that situation needed to be remedied ASAP.



Now, on to the recipe, I loved it. The dough is a breeze, with or without a stand mixer (and without would be the case with me, it´s the perfect excuse for an upper-body workout before the bun-munching that will most certainly come next). It´s incredibly silky but isn´t loaded with butter (though the sticky bun version does have tons of extra butter in the glaze).

I had given everyone the chance of changing the spices and the nuts/dried fruits however they wanted, so the first batch I made was half cinnamon buns, half sticky buns and for the sticky buns I used chai spices instead of just cinnamon for the sugar filling. The spices would be: cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and allspice.


For my brother´s birthday, I made a second batch, and went local and used dulce de leche and coconut for the filling of the regular buns, and a touch of salted butter in the sticky buns glaze. Of course, this being Argentina, the dulce de leche buns were the ones that disappeared in a matter of minutes, but the sticky buns were also remarkable, and the regular buns could easily have been classified as sticky because damn did that dulce de leche drip or what! I took some pictures of my friends enjoying the dulce de leche buns, but they are all quite blurry, so I could only salvage this one, that while blurry, it´s still hilarious (it´s my brother Nicolás and my friend Pablo, please notice the pinkie finger sticking up as the fine lady Pablo is).




But, back to the recipe, this is actually a Daring Baker recipe that can be made often, and the dough can be retarded in the fridge or frozen so it´s quite convenient too. And you can really go crazy with the filling as the dough is very versatile, i´m thinking chocolate chips with cinnamon sugar would be great, or precooked apples with cinnamon and cardamom… you get the idea.


From what I´ve seen and heard, the rest of the girls (and boys) made some remarkable buns, so please check them out here.

Full recipe after the jump.

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