There are things that are just right… some come easy, some take a loooot of effort and patience. Puppie delivery 101 at the our household was of the latter variety.
In the last 3 days, I have slept a total of 12 hours and worried for about mmm 72 hahaha
As we had thought, we spent Christmas eve in the middle of Maia´s labor… which finished today at 10 a.m after a total 22 hours since the first symptoms started… my poor girl.
The good news is that after all the troubles, Maia gave birth to two beautiful female puppies. YES, 2 AND female. Just perfect given the possibilities. They are all chubby… I guess they got to eat like 8 puppies all by themselves, those are my girls!!! hahahaha
I don´t have any pictures to share with you yet because it has just been 10 hours and Maia is still feeling quite protective of the little babies, so I´m guessing she wouldn´t be too keen on the idea of picture taking lol
But as soon as I have some, I´m gonna “torture” you all with all their mighty cuteness. I mean, I love all things food… but puppies are above and beyond anything 🙂
And I know I still owe you all the details of the panettone experience, but that will wait a few days till I sleep all I have been missing and get some work done.

UPDATE: here are the first pics of the new babies 🙂

Maia with her puppies

Maia´s puppies

Maia´s puppies


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3 responses to “rebirth

  1. Shilo

    Oh what cute little puppies! We’ve been considering getting a puppy for our boys to play with, but can’t figure out what breed to get… So far we’ve decided that none is better than a breed that isn’t good with kids.

    By the way, I saw you list your blog in the TBR Challenge group. Good luck with that!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    OH…Golden Retriever puppies!!!!! How absolutely adorable! I have a golden retriever named Argus. I love how they smile when they are happy. And…I have a cat named Maia. *grin*

    Wendy (from your book group!)

  3. Marce

    Shilo- Then you should definitely get a golden retriever puppy, they are great with children (but be prepared for them to be a little clumsy around the kids for a couple of days till they get used to it and stop being so energetic with them).

    I´m really excited about the TBR challenge. I´ll post my list in the blog in a few days.

    Wendy- Golden retrievers are certainly the best. I love Maia to bits, and I can only imagine how much I´ll love the puppy I´ll bring home with me. And Maia is a beautiful name, if I may say so, for a cat, a dog, or even a person 🙂

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