The one when Marce can´t make up her mind

I swear I haven´t completely forgotten I have a blog. It´s just that life has a way of distracting me quite often, and, to be honest, I´m lazier than I´d like to admit.

I actually have a couple of recipes waiting to be discussed, but seeing that I´m too lazy to translate and discuss two bread recipes, I turn to you so that you choose which recipe you´d prefer: a traditional Spanish bread that is very moist and doesn´t have any additional flavors and requiring more prep time, or a braided bread flavored with onion soup powder, oregano and some other spices.

Here are some pictures to help you decide. I´ll post the winner recipe tomorrow or during the weekend if there aren´t enough votes by tomorrow.

Hogaza gallega (yes, I´m aware of the fact that it looks kinda like a boob, but that was the way it was supposed to be, blame the author!)

hogaza gallega

Spicy braid

spicy braid


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13 responses to “The one when Marce can´t make up her mind

  1. Oh dear, I want both but if you force me I’ll take the first.

  2. I think I’m feeling somewhat like you do! This was a cute idea

  3. What if you mix the two together?… I want a half and half! I’m just being difficult.

  4. Sil (Bs As)

    Mmmm…. both of them is too much asking?? =)

  5. Marce, this question is too difficult! I want both! 😉

  6. I want to know about both but I’ll start with the first one because I feel there is a story behind it…and you said now I want to know!

  7. Well although the boob does look quite interesting.. I’m going to be the odd man out and say the braided bread. =)

    Or both. 😉


  8. Bea

    Haha the boob bread 🙂 Yes, I’ll go with the traditional Spanish bread. Marcela, I wanted to thank you for the brownie recipe. It was the first of your recipes that I’ve tried so far and it turned out so yummy that it makes me melt everytime I eat it. I’ve loved brownies all my life but have never attempted to make it for fear of ruining my brownie experience. It kinda blows my mind a little that if I wanted a brownie right now…I could have it in less than an hour! 😀

  9. Haha, oh waow! Boob Buns! That’s hilarious and yet it looks so good!!! Marcela, I wanted to say thank you for the brownie recipe as well – before you go “wah who?”, I’m Bea’s boyfriend! So that means I’ll get to enjoy those awesome brownies as well! And I gotta say… those pictures (all of your foodie pictures) look amazing! They make me hungry! Beeeeeeeeeeeeee, make me broooownies? 😀

  10. Whoa! That braided bread loaf had me drooling at first glance. I vote bread #2. YUM!

  11. The Spanish bread gets my vote only because I’d rather make it than something with onion soup mix. The boob shape is an interesting variation, too.

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  13. Well, the boob bread won 😉 Thanks to everyone for voting.

    And Bea and Javier- Thanks for stopping by and letting me know the brownies were a huge hit, I´m glad to see the recipes are being helpful.

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