A taste of yellow: lemon pie in a cup

Being the procrastinator that I am, I am pretty late for this event, but I want to post my contribution anyway because this event isn´t just about cooking something fun… it´s about cancer, and unfortunately, I´ve come to know the disease since I was little. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I lost 2 of my grandparents to cancer (pancreas and uterus) in just one year when I was 8-9 years old. It certainly changed my outlook on life in general and brought me face to face with the idea of death.

a taste of yellow

Throughout the years, I´ve met people who´ve both lost and won their battles against cancer. And, as we all know, prevention and early detection are key in tilting the scale towards the winning side. Which is why events to raise awareness such as A Taste of Yellow, organized by the incredible Barbara of Winos and Foodies as part of LIVESTRONG Day, held on May 16th, are so very important.

a taste of yellow 2

My contribution is very very simple, which doesn´t make it any less delicious: a  lemon curd over a base of ladyfingers cut losely but hand and refrigerated. I served it on some gorgeous cups my grandma Vanda (the one that´s still with us) gave me as a sort of family heirloom. Don´t they look pretty?

a taste of yellow 3

Anyway, thank you, Barbara, for organizing such a fantastic event, and I make a lemony toast for all of those battling the disease right now and for the doctors treating patients and investigating a cure for cancer… may the future be brighter for all of us!


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9 responses to “A taste of yellow: lemon pie in a cup

  1. Thank you Marcela they look wonderful and the glasses are sopretty.

  2. Totally clever! I never would have thought of it. And you could do it with all sorts of fruit!

  3. Lemon curd over ladyfingers … my spoon is at the ready. A perfect dish for a fantastic event! Excellent.

  4. You are so right — just because something’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. And your heirloom glasses give your dessert an especially celebratory look and feel. How neat that you have this tangible piece of your family’s history!

  5. great! love the idea of a ‘toast’ to this event

  6. Can I just drink it up? 🙂
    So lovely! Lemon curd is responsible for my rubbing thighs…oh well!!

  7. As per usual, your creativity blows me away. I love the thought of serving a lemon curd pie this way.. and I will copy your idea one day to impress my friends and family. 😀

    I’m so sorry about your grandparents.. it’s amazing just how many people are touched by this disease. I’m also very grateful for events such as this.. awareness is so important.

    Hugs sweetie. xoxoxo

  8. Better late than never 🙂
    What gorgeous serving cups!

  9. What a great idea serving them int hose goblets! I will be gving this recipe a try. Thanks : )

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