blondies for the birthday blondie

There are days when you are 100% entitled to indulge in whatever suits your fancy, and one of those days would definitely be your own birthday.

So I decided that what I needed to celebrate my quarter of a century inhabiting this marvelous planet of ours (I know, it hurts me too) was to bake blondies… that and being surrounded by my dearest friends when the clock struck midnight and marked the start of March 7th.


I had never eaten, let alone baked, blondies, but I figured if they were the sisters of my beloved brownies, I´d be more than fine. I used a Mark Bittman recipe I had seen at Deb´s site with some minor tweaking: I used both semisweet and 70% chocolate chunks, 1 teaspoon of cinammon, and chopped pecans.

I can say I´m a good mum and love both siblings equally: blondies will be next to brownies in my personal baked-goods heaven. The pictures turned out pretty bad, but that´s my fault because I wanted to get it over with so that I could actually start with the eating part of the deal, after all, it´s my birthday, I should be able to do whatever I want, bad pictures be damned.

blondies 2

Tonight I´m cooking dinner for my family so I´ll keep adding material to the list of things to post about. My mom is the one bringing dessert though so I´m not sure what she´s up to, but if it´s good, which it highly likely, I´ll post the recipe soon… I´m hoping it´s lemon meringue pie because it´s one of my favorite pies ever, but we´ll see what she comes up with.

After the jump, there´s the recipe and some more pics of Phoebe for those of you interested (I know my blog looks like a puppy blog at times, it´s just that she keeps getting cuter by the second, which I didn´t think was possible, and I have to share the cuteness with the world).

blondies 3

BLONDIES (adapted from Mark Bittman´s How to Cook Everything) One recipe for a 8×8 pan or doubling the recipe for a 9×13. I did a double recipe (of course), but what follows is the single recipe. 

8 T butter, melted
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinammon
Pinch salt
1 c. all purpose flour

3/4 cup chocolate chunks (I used half 70% chocolate and half semi-sweet chocolate and chopped it roughly, but you can do it with chocolate chips, peanut butter chips or whatever you want.)

1/2 chopped pecan nuts

1. Grease pan.
2. Mix melted butter with brown sugar – beat until smooth. Beat in egg and then vanilla.
3. Add salt, stir in flour and cinammon. Mix in the chocolate and the nuts, or any other additions.
4. Pour into prepared pan. Bake at 350°F (180°C) for 20-25 minutes, or until set in the middle. Better if underbaked. Cool on rack before cutting them.










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16 responses to “blondies for the birthday blondie

  1. Happy Birthday!

    And how could you not love blondies? They’re like fat cookies!

  2. Carmelo Ayala

    Happy Birthday !!!! Enjoy !!

  3. Blondies! Yum! I’m hoppin’ on a plane!

    Happy Birthday fellow Pisces!

  4. Happy Birthday, Marce !

    And I have also seen the most wonderful gift ever – also a blondie 😉 So adorable ! Please more pics….

    Much love to the two of you,
    angelika and gino

  5. happy birthday!! i love blondies, but i have to say, i think i lean more towards brownies. but blondies always seem like such a treat! and i ADORE your puppy photos. ohmygoodness. so cute i want to squish!

  6. Brilynn- I know! It´s like this chocolate chip cookie with nuts in a different texture, yum!

    Carmelo- Thanks! I´m feeling a bit oldish, but it´ll pass 😉

    Kate- Come on over, I´ll have a batch ready 😉 And we pisces rock haha

    Angelika- Thanks. The other blondie is currently running around in a fit of energy… this blondie, not so much haha

    Liuia- Thanks 😉

    Pinknest- Yeah, brownies are so good as well, but I´m going to declare a tie, why choose? And yeah, she´s the cutest. She doesn´t enjoy being taken pictures though… that´s too bad for her, she can´t scape muahaha

  7. Happy Birthday! Blondies are the perfect treat!

    BTW-Great post on the taglietelle! They looks so thick and chewy, just the way I love them.

  8. Happy birthday!!

    Blondies look fab.. your pictures showed the most important thing – the chunks o’chocolate! Yum!!

    I hope you NEVER stop sharing pictures of Pheobe.. as I am truly addicted to her now. =)


  9. Susan- Thanks for the birthday wishes and for the compliment on the tagliatelle, I might be doing something like that again tonight, my dad is obsessed with pasta lately. BTW, I love your blog and your recent story about your dad, it reminds me of my family, I guess all families of Italian descent are obsessed with food 😉

    Lisa- Thanks. And ok, I´ll try to keep you updated on Phoebe as she grows up, at least through Weeked Dog Blogging (which gives us dog lovers the perfect excuse to show off our babies.)

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Mine is coming up in a week, perhaps I will make these yummy looking blondies for myself and eat as many as I like 🙂

  11. happy birthday! what a great treat

  12. Oh my.
    How she’s grown!

    She’s the prettiest goldie i’ve ever seen!

  13. You do have a most amazing puppy there!

  14. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    Blondies are one of my favorite desserts. I like them so much because the vanilla cookie part contrasts the chocolate chunks so well, as opposed to brownies where you start losing the chocolate taste from overload.

    Can you recommend any chocolate brands at the store here to use for baking? I haven’t seen chocolate chips here, persay. Also, while I hound you for recs, is there a good store in our area I could pick up a couple baking tins and measurement cups? If I had known we would stay here so long, I would have bought some long ago.

    Phoebe is the prettiest golden I’ve ever seen. Her eyes seem so melancholy!

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