Pip… in a new city (NYC)

It´s so bizarre, but in a good way, to be in a place you recognize and feel at home in without having ever been there before. That´s how New York felt for me from the very start. When I got there the first night, I just walked around the hotel and felt utterly blissful.

love it

That being said, the crazy shopping and walking schedule I imposed on myself did get me a tad tired, but when you have just 4 and a half days in NYC overall, you suck it up and keep walking.

Plus half of the walking was also self-imposed because I was convinced I was going to end up utterly lost if I dared to take the subway, even though I´m used to taking the subway here in Buenos Aires… though then again, it doesn´t have as many lines, and I am literally the sort of person who always takes the wrong turn, it´s the sort of dilemma whenever I have to choose which way to go, and I tell myself to go against my instincts because they are always wrong, but then I just can´t bring myself to go against my gut, which turns out to be wrong, yet again.



So anyways, crappy sense of direction and an unknown subway grid are a bad combination, but I really shouldn´t have been afraid for that long because when I did get tired of walking on my last day in NYC and took the subway, to my utter shock, I didn´t get lost!

Among the many pleasures the city had in store for me was meeting the lovely Deb of Smitten Kitchen for lunch at Tabla restaurant. I´m quite new to Indian food so I´m by no means an expert, but that was a remarkable meal, especially the thin cornmeal-crust pizza with spinach and soft goat cheese (trying not to drool over the keyboard here). I have no pictures of that for you, but I do recommend you stop by next time you go to NY.

Also food-related was my kid-in-a-toy-store moment at the Chelsea Market. Thank heavens it was the very last day of my trip, otherwise my poor budget would have had a hard time recovering from that excursion. There I got the mini pans I showed you in the previous post plus some other toys I have yet to show you, a cute Moroccan rug for my apartment, and lunch (meaning a simple but delicious ham-butter-homemade bread sandwich from Amy´s bread), and a very chocolatey cookie I took with me to Central Park to enjoy in a bench soaking it all in.

kodak moment


say no more


I don´t have pictures of my other food-related adventures there, and I only got to do about 20% in that area of what I had originally thought I´d do, but there´s really only so much I can eat in a few days, and as I kept telling myself while I was there, this was my first trip to NYC, but it certainly won´t be my last, so I´m just glad I got to immerse myself in that whirlwind of a city for a few days. And I´m also glad I was ballsy enough to do it all by myself, which got a bit hard at times, but mostly it was interesting in terms of meeting new people and discovering new strengths in myself.



And if you want to check out the full NYC set on Flickr, click here

Next up, Seattle!


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8 responses to “Pip… in a new city (NYC)

  1. I still remember the magic of my first visit to NYC. Yes, ballsy to go by yourself but so worth it.

  2. travelingwilbury

    Hi Marce!
    Great trip! I love the photos, especially the one in Central Park with the Imagine sign. Looking forward to your post on Seattle. (I’m a huge Nirvana fan!)

  3. Great shots! Glad you had fun! I need to send you that portrait I took of you 🙂 Not the one with the chin though!

  4. Oh, yay! You’re coming HERE!! You got some amazing shots of the city, I’m really jealous you got to go to NY. You’re going to love Seattle, though we’re having some pretty craptacular weather right now-rain, rain, rain-but, hey, isn’t that to be expected anyway? You should totally check out Anthony’s on Pier 66, and The Islander, and if you can make it out to Wallingford Center, you should definitely hit up Trophy Cupcakes. OMG, so good.

  5. Looking forward to see what you say about Seattle! 🙂

  6. Candace

    Wonderful photos and fine reporting, too! I have only been to NYC once, two years ago. I am there this November again and will definitely check out Tabla. The link is amazing, thanks for sharing. I have an art/life blog but wow, do I ever love food and reading about it and eating it while reading about it, and talking about reading about it while eating it. Et cetera. Have a great time in Seattle. I read your blog often. Keep up the good and tasty work!


  7. The photos are great, they capture some of the essence of the city so well. I love the shot of the cookie!

    I have yet to get to NYC…. but someday.

  8. Paz

    Glad you had a nice time in the city. Perhaps next time you come, we can meet.


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