This little bird…

… is taking a vacation!!! No, not from the blog especifically, but a real 3-week vacation to the US. New York, Seattle and Charleston await, and I can hardly wait myself.

It´s been years since the last time I took a trip like this, and it´s a trip I´ve been planning for months, and working my ass off to afford, and in many ways it´s a very unusual vacation because it´s gonna be mostly about things that aren´t typically touristy, which is exactly how I like it.


For me, traveling is about remembering everything that´s out there for me to discover, realizing that most of the things that I take for granted or assume are common really aren´t, and then on the other hand, many aspects of my own life and culture are shared with people I would have previously assumed to be completely different.

I know that world peace couldn´t even be achieved with awesome cookies like these, but I always find myself pondering about common traits when I travel in the sense that even though there is lot to split people from different countries apart, there´s just so much that could potentially unite.

But anyways, I know you don´t come here to read my ramblings about world cultures and peace, and I´m getting behind in my packing frenzy since I need to be at a friend´s apartment in like half an hour for a going-away party in my honor (by the way, I still haven´t decided if they love me, want tons of presents from the trip, or are really just looking for whatever excuse to throw a party… maybe all three of them, either way, not complaining!).


So I hope everyone has a marvelous time while I´m gone, and I promise to be back with tons and tons of pictures, and a story or two to share with you all.

Spring, here I come!

yearning for spring



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14 responses to “This little bird…

  1. I do hope you have a wonderful visit with all!
    The typically touristy isn’t why I travel either!

  2. Charleston is either going to appear boring compared to NY and Seattle or like a little place of calm and quiet before your return!
    Can’t wait to see you and finally hug you Pipeta!!
    BTW, did you get my last email?

  3. have a fun and safe journey! can’t wait to hear all about it and see some great pictures from your journies

  4. Have a lovely time!! If you’re going to be in NYC and like non-touristy, I’d recommend Greenwich Village or Soho. They’re fun with lots of little shops, outdoor markets, beautiful streets to wander….

  5. holita! you’re so lucky to be getting out of BA aka la ciudad del humo… it’s sooo feo right now!!! anyway, if you need any tips on NYC or want the contact info of my good friend there, let me know. besos, que disfrutas muchissimo tus viajes!

  6. YES! i cannot. wait. cannot wait!!

  7. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

  8. Hey chicka! Prepare yourself for a food coma…we’ve got many delicious bites in store for you here in Seattle. After so many months…I can’t *wait* to meet you! Soon….very soon…


  9. Hola! Acabo de descubrir tu blog a traves del de Tartelette y que preciosidad! Que suerte tienes de ir a pasar un tiempo con ella. Yo vivo en Florida asi que si te pasas por aqui, tambien puedes visitarme!

  10. I hope you are having a most wonderful time! Safe travels to you.

  11. If your coming to New York, look me up. I’ll take you out to some good NYC eats!

  12. jenn

    Have a wonderful, safe trip and I can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  13. Hello! I just came across your site. I was in BA May 07 and will be returning March 09 for my birthday. BA changed my life and I cannot believe it took me 28 years to get there.

    I’m in the midst of starting my own food-centric blog and will definitely google reader yours for inspiration.

    I’m Joe by the way, in Seattle. Nice to meet you!

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