Paris je t´aime

So here we are again, it´s Daring Baker time, but for this challenge, you´ll only need a handful of ingredients, one of them being patience of course, because this month we are making French bread!

the good life

French bread

I was very glad when I saw what Sara and Mary had chosen for us this month… though I have to admit the thought of using the oven in the middle of summer wasn´t particularly appealing, but it was a bread I hadn´t tried before and by someone who seems to be a legend between US bloggers: Julia Child.

No, we didn´t grow up watching Julia Child cook around here, we had our very own Doña Petrona, who seems to have had the same grandmotherly feel to her. You know, the type of books you go back to again and again. And that´s why I was interested in trying a recipe by Julia Child, someone as beloved and classic as that couldn´t steer me in the wrong direction.

But she could give directions, tons and tons of them, 8 pages in this recipe alone! But it´s the sort of recipe that´s good for someone who hasn´t made bread before and might be a little freaked out by the whole thing, so I won´t blame her for it.


French bread

The recipe itself was quite easy (but beware that you have to find a way to enjoy sticky hands if you are doing all the kneading by hand like me). Oh, and I did sort of make it twice since the first time when I was about to give the dough its first rise I realized the flour I was using had long passed its sell-by date, which meant quickly throwing it in the trash, and when I took out the trash the next night, I had a huge monster dough that had been happily fermenting away, yuck!

So anyways, while I waited for the (second and not rotten) dough to rise I turned to Peter Reinhart to find some photos of different bread shapes I could play with. And I settled for a baghette (which I can´t really call that since my cuts and the shape itself needs some work), an epi (sheaf of wheat), a tabatiere (pouch), and a dinner roll with a spiky top made with sharp scissors.

French bread, second proofing

As for the veredict: the bread was delicious and the texture was quite impressive, so I´m planning on making it again during the winter. I served it quite simply with good olive oil, homegrown tomatoes and basil, and some smoked ham. Sometimes it doesn´t take expensive or exotic ingredients to create a remarkable meal, give me simple Mediterranean any day!

French bread



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28 responses to “Paris je t´aime

  1. I love all the different shapes you made. You did a great job! 🙂

  2. I agree that the oven in the summer was not ideal but wow! the bread was delicious! I too liked that you did many different shapes with this!

  3. Beautiful! I’m impressed with your crumb… I’ve had difficulty getting the holes in my Italian rustic bread to be large/oblong as they ought to be.

    Have you tried any Peter Reinhart recipes? I am curious to see the differences between his and Julia Child’s recipes

    Also, welcome back to your blog! We missed ya!

  4. Monster dough in the trash ;)) dough in the trash should make a fast trip to actual disposal site!
    Marce all your shapes are wonderful! I had the hardest time I think with the slashes.
    Perfect crumb.

  5. Marce, your shapes are wonderfully perfect and I love the simplicity of a great meal with this bread.

    Thanks so much for participating with Sara and I. I always enjoy baking with you!

  6. WOW!!! All of the different shapes are amazing, you did a stunning job on this month’s challenge!

  7. Having fresh tomatoes and basil to serve with this bread sounds fabulous!

  8. Your breads look great! I love dipping in olive oil, too.

  9. Marce what a wonderful set of loaves. They all look gorgeous. Nice going!

  10. I really did something wrong with my bread. I barely had enough for two small boules, yet you made all those loaves. Just fantastic.

  11. What pretty breads, and wonderful photos! I adore the way you have done them.

  12. oooh they look ideal for soaking up a little garlic oil! Now I wish I’d bothered to get around to doing the recipe!

  13. carrieskitchencreations

    I wanted to make an epi but I chickened out. Yours looks wonderful! 🙂

  14. I love all your shapes. I wanted to do a epi, but was to tired and forgot. Just beautiful.

  15. Well my dear, another successful challenge! I love the dipped in oil morsels! The shapes all turned out gorgeous!! We need to make a list of things to bake while you are here!

  16. Your shapes are beautiful! And so are those tomatoes and basil. =)

  17. Your breads are really lovely. I laughed a lot at the thought of your monster dough. I like making bread in the summer. It means my dough will rise faster.

  18. Wow I love the shapes you made with the bread. It looks wonderful

  19. I like the epi and the tomatoes make me hate winter!!

  20. Paz

    I love your bread shapes. Your bread looks so appetizing.


  21. What a great variety of bread shapes you made…they all look great!

  22. Nice crumb! Love the tabatiere shape (and the others too!)

  23. I love paris and I love your bread 🙂 It looks yummy !! so yummy !!!!

  24. so creative with the shapes, Marce! Looks great!

  25. Your bread is very pretty! Thanks for baking with us.

  26. They look fabulous! Great job!

  27. Love the shapes and the spikes! hehehee


  28. se ven buenísimos!
    me encantó tu blog, llegué por “Smitten Kitchen” que estaba contenta que le diste un pote de dulce de leche!

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