How did you get so big?

And no, I´m not talking about my hips, I´m talking about Phoebe. I´m still trying to figure out how she managed to go from 1 pound to 64 pounds in just a year, and from adorable puppy to adorable adult dog… or semi-adult really, especially if we take her behavior into account.

But anyways, she turned 1 on Xmas day, and we celebrated in style, birthday hat and all. But before you all kill me and call animal services, I swear I didn´t make her wear that just to laugh at her… well, yeah, that did play a part, but it was mainly because my older brother (the one that´s visiting from Spain) says he hates dogs (oh yeah, can´t figure that one out either), so he complains about how spoiled Phoebe is and everything. So my younger brother and I decided it was a good idea to tease him by buying Phoebe a bday hat and sing her Happy Birthday, and oh yeah, it worked like a charm, though he didn´t get so annoyed really, it was more of a mix of “can´t believe my eyes” and “this is hilarious”.

So this is a photographic journal of Phoebe´s first year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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8 responses to “How did you get so big?

  1. What serious little eyes! She’s beautiful. And, I know all about misbehaving dogs! Good thing they’re so cute, right? It’s impossible not to love them. I have a really hard time understanding people who don’t like dogs, though I guess sometimes there’s a history/bad experience there.

    Happy Birthday to Phoebe! Thanks for posting all the pictures

  2. Gamuza

    What can I say? I can’t believe it also….. but anyways, our beloved Steve (or phoebe as someone calls her) is all grown up… nice slide pips.

  3. Oh my gosh she is too cute for words. It’s so hard to be dog-less & living in BA when there are so many adorable dogs everywhere you go…


  4. Very nice pics of the little pup that has become an adult now. We wish you a lot of fun with Phoebe.
    Greetings from Chris and Annick

  5. travelingwilbury

    Happy Birthday, Phobe!!!
    She’s so cute, really.
    Those portraits of her are wonderful. Well done, mum!
    Hug from London

  6. Holy cow.. she’s gotten so big! I’m a lil misty over here! (besides laughing to tears at the birthday hat picture)

    Give her big smoochies and hugs for me!!

    Love yous!

  7. Gosh, a year! Phoebe is so amazing, I’m with you on the favorite photo too!
    Every photo though is perfect!
    Happy birthday
    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Birthday Pheobe the Puppy! 🙂 (They are always puppies in my eyes – even when they are grown up) 😉

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