You say potato…

Oh yeah, here we go again, it´s Daring Bakers time… you are thinking butter and sugar by the pound, right? But no, no, no, never assume we are going to do the same old thing.

This time, we are using no sugar and just a spoonful of butter, which as you know, in Daring Baker terms, is pretty much non existent. Not only that, we are going savory!

potato bread

My hips, for one, are releasing a big sigh of relief… but they might have celebrating too soon, because it´s not as if we are doing salads or anything, we are doing bread, potato bread to be more specific, which happens to be a vegetable, so I think it´s all good (stop laughing, don´t argue with my logic!).

potato bread

Anyways, on to the recipe. Our amazing hostess, Tanna, chose a wonderfully flexible potato bread recipe and gave us tons of room to be creative, including toppings and flavorings, and the choice of using from 6-16 ounces of mashed potatoes depending on our bread-baking experience. I used around 14 ounces and boy was it sticky, especially after I added chopped onions to the dough, but nothing some flour and patient kneading can´t fix.

potato bread

And the end result was definitely worth it: very moist bread with a nice crumb, which was good plain as a sandwich bread or for breakfast, and awesome as a blank canvas to go crazy with toppings and flavorings.

My choices: 1 loaf plain topped with sesame and sunflower seeds, and 2 loaves with chopped onions (chopped a bit earlier and squeezed), parmesan cheese and chopped basil inside and topped with a nice layer of parmesan cheese.

That´s breakfast for you

And that´s another great thing about the recipe, you get tons and tons of bread you can use as a focaccia, dinner rolls or whatever you want, so you can slice your leftovers and freeze them like I did, so the kneading definitely pays off since in my world, nothing beats homemade bread… and with summer approaching, that´s going to get hard, even for bread junkies like myself.

Potato bread

But before putting on your cutest apron and getting up to your elbows in wet dough, check out the amazing creations of my fellow Daring Bakers (I know, we are a tiny group!), and check out the recipe at Tanna´s blog.


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43 responses to “You say potato…

  1. Fantastic bread! Love all the seeds! And so happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Love the idea of putting chopped onions and basil in the bread. Looks great.

  3. wow your bread looks fantastic. I am a huge sesame seed fan so I really wanted to eat your bread up. great job

  4. What fantastic bread, Yum.

  5. love the looks of that seed-topped loaf! i froze my extras, too.

  6. WOW! A seedy affair here and what a lovely choice for toppings. These look great!

  7. Marce, I had so much fun baking with you this month on so many things we did! Great job as usual on your challenge and I love all the seeds.

  8. Oh, what a terrific idea with the seeds…I just want to take a great big bite out of it!

  9. Your bread looks so perfect!! I’m enjoying all of the different toppings – yours looks wonderful!

  10. Wow, your loaves looks great and I love your “princess” mug. 😉

    Regarding the “Spanish food things” just contact me at kochtopf(at)gmail(dot)com. I hope I can help you.

  11. Yummy! Only now do I remember the mounds of poppy and sesame seeds in my cupboard! D’OH!!!

    If only you’d given me a hint! 😉

  12. Fantastic…and it actually looks healthy too.

  13. Lovely seeded loaf and the parmesan crusted one too! Makes me hungry!

  14. carrieskitchencreations


  15. I love how you’ve dressed up your loaves.


    Julius from Occasional Baker

  16. Lovely job on your bread!

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  17. YUM! Looks absolutely fabulous. The seeded bread presents really nice…and I bet the onion bread is delish.

  18. Your crusts look fantastic. Did you use sea salt on the last one? I can just imagine how great the onions tasted with the potato fragrance.

  19. looks delicious and healthy too! What more could you ask for?

  20. Ooo those grains and seeds look fabulous on the bread =)

  21. Seasame seeds was a great idea.

  22. What lovely breads! The seeds remind me of one I made not longer ago that was delicious. I bet yours was too! Happy baking!

  23. Marce! Those are gorgeous loaves! Great job girl!

  24. Ooh I just had dinner but that first and last pic really make me drool…

  25. Your loaves are just wonderful! Sesame seeds were a great addition to the lovely taste of the potato bread 🙂 Well done.

  26. Potatoes and onions definitely put this bread in the vegetable category. 🙂 Great job.

  27. Look at that beautiful bread! Well done!

  28. lovely looking bread!! YUM
    congratulations on the challenge ^_^

  29. Your bread looks wonderful! I like your mug too 🙂

  30. Your breads look wonderful! I love the seed loaves! Well done!



  31. Agreed..All your hard work of miing and kneading definitely paid off with the amount of bread you got. And boy, does it look good! I love the look of all your breads. For the record, I think your logic rocks 🙂

  32. Brilliant! The sesame and sunflower seeds must have added a great nutty contrast.

    Christina ~ She Runs, She Eats

  33. Love the bread with the seeds on it. Looks better than what you see in the bakeries.

  34. Jen

    Wow, that bread is lovely. I really like the way you topped them. Great job!

  35. Gorgeous breads! And your mug is cute as heck, too! AND I for one would never argue with your logic that potatoes are a vegetable! So is chocolate, coming from a bean and all … oy. One can dream. =)

  36. Bravo, Pip. I love your bread. I will use your ideas the next time I make it! Lovely pictures.

  37. Your loaves look lovely!

  38. What an interesting idea. I had a bunch of leftover mashed potatoes a while back and was looking for a recipe like this! The bread looks luscious

  39. I love the seed-studded loaf! Apologies for the lateness of my visit, but as our group grows, it’s taking me forever to stop in and sample everyone’s offerings…

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