Cinnamon buns… second helpings

Just when you thought you had seen all there was to be seen in terms of cinnamon rolls, Lis comes to the rescue with a knock-off of the famous Cinnabon rolls.

cinnamon rolls part II

You know, just in case we needed an extra bit of butter and sugar… and of course I was ready, summer just around the corner and all. And I have to say, I don´t regret it for a single minute.

First of all, chatting to the girls on yahoo while we did a bakeathon around the world was hilarious, even though some of the gals couldn´t make it (the whole group was comprised of Lis, Helene, Sara, Kelly, Laura Rebecca, Chris and Mary). I mean, it isn´t every day that you get to compare notes in real time with bakers all over the world… with different confidences and even curses towards yeast thrown in for good measure.

cinnamon rolls part II

And the recipe itself was quite easy (except for the frosting I didn´t really get right, I blame it on being Argentinian, which means I hadn´t tried or made a cream cheese frosting before), and the rolls were even yummier than Reinhart´s… I know, I didn´t think it was possible either! I´m so sorry, Peter, I did cheat on you. But you see, they did tempt me with brown sugar, a generous amount of cinnamon and a profusion of butter… what was I to do???

If you want to do a comparison yourself just in time for Christmas prepping, here´s Reinhart´s recipe and Lis has the recipe for the cinnabon knockoff.

cinnamon rolls part II

See you on Monday with the Daring Bakers challenge.


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11 responses to “Cinnamon buns… second helpings

  1. I sure can’t get enough of them…wohoo ! These look good!!

  2. They’re cinnamon buns — how can anyone tire of them? 🙂

  3. lamiacucina67

    Hot damn woman, your buns are so sexay! 😉

    I had so much fun.. ‘kay someone else has to pick something we can make together next! 😀


  4. Marce, I love how your cinnabons turned out and I think they look great with just a bit of glaze on top and the gorgeous dough shining through! It was fun and I’m glad you and I were able to chat so much during the baking session.

  5. Yum! Your first picture is making me wish we had some buns left.

  6. Luscious buns, Marce. And sorry I missed the conference while we were baking. I’ll get it right. Be seeing you soon with the DB challenge. Woot!

  7. Buns rule the globe again!
    You must try the cream cheese again, I do think it better than the sugar stuff.

  8. Your buns look deeeelish! I say we make them every week! Ha! (Then we may all be able to (literally)see one another before we know it!)

  9. I’ve had the Cinnabon recipe…OMG. And the frosting is so good…definitely worth giving it another go. My favorite part is the gooey inner circle….

  10. i cannot believe i have forgotten about these.

    thank heaven they sell these at airports… because i know i won’t be able to get them out of my brain till i have one…


    yours look like the real thing!!

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