Where did the oranges go?

The Daring Bakers are back, did you miss us? Well, I´m sure my hips didn´t!


This month is all about cream and chocolate, so they won´t be getting any sort of rest. When I heard that Mary had chosen Bostini cream pie as our challenge this month with an orange flavored genoise cake, I knew it couldn´t possibly go wrong, I mean, vanilla + orange + chocolate, what´s not to like? Well, I was absolutely shocked to find that many DBs didn´t like the orange-chocolate combo, come on, people, what´s wrong with you?



But I´m afraid to say that in my case, the orange flavor didn´t really come through as much as I would have liked, so if I make it again, I´d use some sort of orange cream instead of the vanilla cream. Or do the raspberry sauce I used for my grandma since she´s allergic to chocolate and pair it with chocolate sauce.



Other than that though, the texture was amazing and the flavors were good, even if a little milder than I would have liked. And it´s the perfect dessert to share with family because it´s something most people will like, so I served it for Mother´s Day here in Argentina last Sunday and it was a hit, as you can see from the smiling faces around the table (and no, I´d like to tell myself the wine my dad is drinking-that he makes himself by the way- had nothing to do with the general atmosphere of joy).

happy tummies

So, to sum it up because the blogroll keeps getting longer and longer and you have mmmm like 200 entries to check out (plus my crazy work schedule means I´ve been working this weekend AND in Argentina we voted for president today so that took a lot of time, and mental energy), do make this one but add more flavor to the cream or a bit of grand marnier to the cake part, you won´t be sorry and you´ll have smiling faces all around you.



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50 responses to “Where did the oranges go?

  1. Anh

    I am in with the idea of using grand manier next time. Like you, I love the flavours of orange to come out more…

    BTW, is your flickr working? I can’t see the photos…

  2. Anh- Thanks for the heads up about the photos, I had forgotten to change the permissions to “public”, they should show now.

  3. Oh yes, grand marnier any time! (Photos aren’t there yet, I’ll check back for them).

  4. I used orange juice straight from the orange, and I thought that really helped. But grand marnier is a brilliant idea too! 🙂

  5. I used freshly squeezed orange juice as well, and thought there was plenty of orange flavour. However, I don’t really like chocolate-orange combo so much, so maybe that’s why I thought there was enough of orange flavour:)

  6. I was also surprised by the number of people who didn’t like the orange-chocolate combination. I don’t even like oranges that much but I still think it’s a classic – what’s not to like? Your grand marnier suggestion is a great one.

  7. the photos arent coming through for me..but hte grand marnier idea is brilliant.

  8. I got pictures! Wow! I don’t know which is better your bostini or the smiles! One multiplies the other! I was surprised I like the orange but you’re right I wanted more. Do you think I’ve burned my taste buds with chili peppers? 🙂

  9. Hi,

    I can see your pictures now – and they look luscious!

    I’m not a citrus with chocolate fan myself, but I was very surprised to find that I really loved this dessert. I will definitely try your suggestions next time.

    Looks like your bostini was a hit. 🙂

    Please feel free to check out my bostini here.


  10. I can see the photos just fine and they sure do look yummy!
    Some of them (the closer ones) are a tiny bit blury. Maybe try the macro setting (if your camera has one)?

  11. BC

    The chocolate and orange combination was a hit for us. Unfortunately for my hips, we didn’t have a really big family gathering. But I ploughed through it.

  12. I think it’s all about the zest, really, to get the orange flavor. Lemon / Ginger, though, went over quite well here instead of Orange. 🙂

    It looks like it was well received, even if it was too subtle!

  13. I see your lovely pictures!I had to enhance my orange flavor with a orange puree used for cakes. I love your take with the raspberry sauce.

  14. I love the photos and your creation looks incredible. Love the happy faces of all your freinds!

  15. I think your pictures are lovely. I totally enjoyed the Bostini Cream Pie. Sooo good.

  16. Love the way you plated, looks delicious. I quite liked the subtle flavour combination but then I’m not a huge orange/chocolate fan unless its terry’s chocolate orange at christmas!

  17. Can’t fool me, you had to get them drunk before they would touch them right? 😛

    They certainly look well presented, must have taken you lots of willpower to hold back on the icing sugar 😀

  18. So cute! I love the star shape, and the marbled glaze is gorgeous!

  19. Great photos of everyone around the table:)

  20. Michelle

    Wow great presentation of the Bostini…very creative and looks very yummy!

  21. I could have done with a little more orange too. It’s a perfect dessert to share and it looks like your friends and family were very happy with your challenge indeed!

  22. I was shocked to hear that people don’t like the chocolate/orange combo too!! I love it! And I love how you’ve decorated your cakes. Gorgeous!

  23. Looks great Pip! Your family looks like a blast…how could they not be with homemade wine!!! I am jealous.

    Clintonville Big Momma

  24. You certainly made some people happy, which I think is the sweet reward of cooking. Good job!

  25. Looks like a good time was had by all. I like the variations you did especially the raspberry one.

  26. Awww…what fun, A Mother’s Day party! 🙂 I loved the chocolate and orange combination…its custard I object to! You know, it was a great challenge in any case, and lots of fun to make, so all’s well that ends well. 🙂 Your Bostinis are really pretty, Marce, and I’m so glad they were enjoyed by friends and family at your gathering.

  27. Love the star shape Bostini and the marbled glaze…very pretty! Nicely done! Your family looks like they quite enjoyed the dessert!

  28. Love how you presented the Bostinis and the way your family seems to have loved them!! Great job as usual and glad to be a Daring Baker with you!!!

  29. Just lovely presentation! I agree its a perfect dessert to serve for a party, but I would change the flavors as well.

    Great job!

  30. Well done, seems like your entire family thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit I am one of those people who doesn’t like a chocolate and orange combo – but your idea of adding Grand Marnier, and making an orange flavoured custard sounds great.

  31. Beautiful job on the bostinis. I loved the one covered in raspberry sauce, it looked divine. So did the one that was filled with chocolate. The chocolate was my favorite part of the dessert.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  32. Jen

    Love the shot of everyone ready to dig in! That’s what I love about food – the sharing and the happy faces. I also dig those beautiful bowls you have. You made some lovely bostinis.

  33. I love all of your different presentations!

  34. All your different presentations are gorgeous and all so yummy-looking!

  35. I love the designs on your Bostinis, and the star-shaped one!

    I agree, while the custard was good, I’d add some orange zest or something else to it next time.

  36. Your Bostinis look fabulous, love all your presentations 🙂 Chocolate and orange is my absolute favourite choc combo!

  37. wonderful! It was certainly wise to have your family over to finish the bostinis!

  38. Beautiful job and I am sure the family loved it! IT was great to “see” you, Phoebe and your brother the other day! Miss chatting with you!

  39. Great looking pies! Wonderful!



  40. Looks great…and you had a party to take care of “cleaning up.”

  41. Marce, you’re so creative, they all look amazing.

  42. What a brilliant idea to make those waves in the chocolate, love it!

  43. Anne

    love the different presentations. Mu favorite would be the star shape 🙂

  44. Oh, well done Marce! And that final family photo says it all. That’s what baking is all about!

  45. Marce, I adore the way you play around with the shapes (especially love the star) and the streaks on top! Looks delicious and looks like your family and friends totally enjoyed them too! 🙂

  46. Stupendous! I love your designs in the chocolate.. you’re so artsy fartsy. 😀

    And your family is adorable! Your mom is so pretty – I see the resemblance. =) But uhhh.. there is one very important person missing.. where’s Pheebs? 😛

    Love you!!! (sorry it took so long to get here!)


  47. Oh, I love the swirly marbling! They look really tasty! I was also surprised to find out how many people didn’t like the orange and chocolate combo. I’ve read in a few places that people can learn to like something or find a version of a taste they like when they didn’t before if they keep trying. I don’t know how true that is. As for me, I’m glad I like orange and chocolate! And kudos to your dad for making his own wine! That’s so cool!

  48. Hey Marce,
    Looks like you’ve recovered nicely from last month’s great cinnamon/sticky bun hostessing extravaganza! 🙂
    I love the different platings you presented.

  49. I actually brushed my cakes with a bit of Cointreau… which served two purposes. It kicked up the orange flavor a notch, and it kept 18 cakes moist in the refrigerator for well over a week — there being two of us and eighteen of them, they were going to need to last a while.

  50. Oh, I like the swirly ones…those look fun.

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