Good day sunshine


Today is the first day of Spring here in Buenos Aires… which means tons of picnics all over the city, usually involving more alcohol than food, as excited teenagers celebrate both spring and what is also officially student´s day here in Argentina. So as you can imagine, there are sandwiches, mate (a typical Argentine drink I need to explain someday), tons of gossiping, checking out students from other schools, making out in the wilderness and the like, I´m sure you are getting the idea.

Of course, I´m much too old for such a high-school celebration of spring, and being an “adult” I had to work today, but since spring is my favorite season and work has kept me away from blogging for a while, I figured I´d celebrate spring with you all through pictures. Enjoy!






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4 responses to “Good day sunshine

  1. I was at Palermo Parks today and everything was nice. The teenagers behaved very well. I loved the celebration.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Alas, we started fall up here, but I will be in Buenos Aires for a good chunk of the summer in a few months, so I’m happy to wait until then… 🙂

    I look forward to some of your spring and summer recipes so that I can pretend it’s still nice here in Seattle!

  3. Great Spring photos. This way I can enjoy a little spring even as we enter fall!

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