No mirror here

Well, I haven´t been cooking all that much lately and I´m finally running out of older recipes, and I´m not even participating in the Daring Bakers challenge this month, but I couldn´t let this day go by without telling you to check out the Strawberry Mirror Cake they made this month. Yes, go ahead, I´ll wait right here.

Ok, now that´s out of the way, I´m gonna tell you about an amazing garlic bread Tanna posted about a couple of weeks ago. Yes, another bread recipe, sorry, it´s winter here so i´m not going to wait until it´s scorching hot outside to turn on the oven.


I know most people just cut a piece of bread and just put loads of garlic and butter on top and bake it. Well, while that could work, not for me. And this bread is quite easy to make and produces a loooooot of bread, most of which sat quietly in the freezer until I was ready to dispose of it.


Next time I make it, I´ll up the salt and the garlic and add part of the garlic-herbs mix to the dough itself… and maybe up the butter content a bit too… I know, I know, I´m bad, but if you are going to do it, you might as well go the whole way.


For the recipe, head over to Tanna´s site (you can modify the herbs to your heart´s content, I think I used crushed coriander seeds and dry rosemary because it was what I had on hand at the time.)




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11 responses to “No mirror here

  1. Slacker! 😉

    mmm pan de ajo… *licks lips*

  2. The bread looks lovely.

    Hope to see you in next month’s challenge!

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed the bread and delighted that you changed it to be your own!
    We’ll be looking for you next month . . . oh what will it be. . . safe to say I know I’ll be challenged!

  4. while yes i am a bit sad that i can’t see your wonderful take on the mirror cake {rhyme!} but ooohhh… garlic bread. this looks soooo good!

  5. Oh man, I drooled and drooled over Tanna’s garlic bread.. I might have begged her to make me some. hehee

    Yours looks quite delish as well! And I agree.. most definitely up the salt, garlic and butter.. hello? Can you really ever have enough of any of those ingredients? hee!

    Hugs & smoochies!

  6. Missed you this month but such is life sometimes. The garlic bread look out of this world! Twice I am drooling ladies, not fair!

  7. sorry you can’t make it this month. life happens even to daring bakers.

  8. I’ve had an eye on this bread ever since I saw it on Tanna’s blog, Marce – now you’ve given one strong reason to make it! It looks so good!

  9. Pip, a ver cuando publicamos algo en español, no?

  10. Mmmmmmm….bread! This looks so tender.

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