Another round of egocentric ranting

Well, it seems that this one will add up to the recently growing voyeuristic section of my blog (I´m hoping the use of the word will increase blog traffic exponentially, because as you know, sex sells.)

My good friend Lis from La Mia Cucina tagged me for this meme about “7 random things about me” and I just couldn´t resist the temptation to go on and on about myself, it´s kind of an annoying treat I have, but I find that fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) many people share such egocentric tendencies, so I´m hoping no one minds.

So here we go, brace yourselves.

1. The nickname Pip doesn´t come from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, but from a tango called Pipistrela. The tango is basically about a working class girl who thinks she´s too beautiful and classy for her surroundings. When I was like 8 years old, a friend of Javier, my older brother, started calling me Pipistrela, i have no idea why really since I wasn´t standoffish or anything. But anyways, of course, I hated the nickname and started hating his guts, my brother thought it was a brilliant idea and started calling me Pipistrela, then when it got too long for his lazy ways, he shortened it to Pipis, even worse, and finally, many years later, when he had regained his love for me, he went for Pip, which I actually didn´t mind because it was pronounced with a degree of affection, something practically unheard of between siblings.

No one really calls me Pip but my brothers and a couple of friends, and of course, people here who think that´s my name, but remember, as long as you stick to Pip, we are ok.

2. Just as a clarification, I don´t just do baking as some people seem to believe (just don´t ask). Yes, muffins and cakes are a big part of what I´ve been publishing lately, and if we count bread as baking (which I don´t), then you are killing most of my later obsessions, but not all is lost. Just some examples from the archives: naan bread, tandoori chicken, quinoa with lime chile vinaigrette, milanesas with panko and parmesan cheese, won-ton ravioli, and home-made tagliatelle. Ok, I´m tired just from linking to all of that and now I need to find 5 more random things about me, damn it!

3 . I´ve always been a bit of a bookworm, though I don´t read as much lately. Picture a 9 year old girl asking for books on her birthday, not just a book or two, but a trip to the most gorgeous bookstore ever to explore and buy a bunch of books, I think they were 8 novels (about 200 pages each) and I read them in 6 days. Talk about fast reading! The wonderful thing about reading at that age is I was reading the classics without knowing they were classics, so I could just take them at face value. For instance, I loved Dickens, Wilde, Alcott and Jack London, yet I remember hating a Dostievski book I read. Ok, on to the next thing before my geeky nature becomes to blatant.

4. When I was a child I got along better with boys than with girls. I just couldn´t seem to grasp the endless fascination with playing house and went to play soccer or ride the bike with my brothers and some friends. My tendency didn´t go as far as my cousin´s, who cried because she wanted to imitate her brother and pee standing and couldn´t… but it´s something that still pops up once in a while when surrounded by women who are too prototypical and only think about clothes and diets.

5. I love dogs mmmm I guess you already knew that, but here are some new pics of Phoebe so you don´t realize I´m cheating.





6. This one isn´t about me, but about Argentina, but since I´m running out of ideas, this will have to do, today is Friends´day in Argentina, yes, we do have a day for everything here. I don´t particularly hate or love the day, I think the idea is good in theory, but I hate the commercial aspect of it all, I´m not buying some stupid stuffed bear or something just because. Yet it´s a good excuse to get together with the friends you see all the time, and even those you don´t see that often anymore. So happy friends´day to all my new and not so new virtual friends.

7. I don´t believe in God as such, but as Seinfeld would say “not that there´s anything wrong with that”. This would deserve a long explanation, but this is not a religious blog, so let´s just say I used to be a Catholic, I´m not anymore, and I´m fine with people believing what they want if it makes them happier as long as it doesn´t make them feel like they have to “convert” me. I´m even nice to Jehova witnesses when they ring the bell and try to save my poor tormented soul… well, there was one time when they woke me up at 10am on a Sunday when I probably wasn´t that gracious, but that doesn´t count.

Since I´ve seen this meme everywhere and I don´t want to burden people, I´m just going to tag 7 people in case they want to share some dirty little secrets and if anyone else wants to do it, just join in: Ilva, Madeleine, Diva, Frank, Nathan, Alan and Kristen.


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14 responses to “Another round of egocentric ranting

  1. Hi Pip!

    I think your new name should be Evelyn Woods.

    Happy Friends Day! Okay, I got that out of the way. Now I see I have homework to do (meme)….thanks.

    Funny how this week the subject of God has popped up so many times for me. In case you don’t know this blogger from the UK, she seems to be having a difficult time meeting other people that don’t believe in God, and well, she misses having conversations with people who are non believers. Her name is Jude and you can visit her site here .

  2. Oops. Sorry. I forgot to include a link to the Evelyn Woods reference in case you did not know who she was. I just grabbed the first link that showed up…. it’s the best I can do at 1:45 in the a.m.


  3. Pip, thanks! Both for this interesting post (I recognize myself in points 3 and 7) and for tagging me! Next week I’ll do it!

  4. Most excellent answers, sweetie!

    So the Pip thing? Imagine this.. me 3rd grade. A boy who use to pick on me ALL THE TIME started calling me “Piglet” Mmm hmm… and if that wasn’t bad enough, to really piss me off he’d start to squeal when he walked by me. I had considered putting him to a slow, painful death – but I rose above this immature little fart and didn’t let him bother me.. (Kinda)

    And then in 6th grade, he and I and a few other friends were after school for track practice and walking from the locker rooms out to the track, he grabbed my arm, pulled me into a doorway and kissed me!!! Needless to say, I about puked. 😛

    I punched him.

    We hated each other until we grew up a lil and matured, then we became pretty good friends. I saw him like 7 years after we graduated and had a few drinks with him and a nice conversation where he admitted he had the biggest crush on me and that’s why he tortured me the way he did!!!

    Ugh. Men.

    So mebbe.. this friend of your brother’s.. thought you were a cute lil hot mama? hee!


    PS – Tell Phoebe to STOP GROWING. She looks more and more like her mom every day. =)

  5. Sil Bs As

    You’re so funny…nice post, and I totally agree with you about friend’s day…
    Hasta la proxima!

  6. david

    jehovahs witness arriving sunday morning at the door reminds me of years ago when i was young and wild and they rang my bell early well i invited them and sat them down and while they were chatting away i took off all my cloths it was fun to watch them run david

  7. Frank- At first I had no idea whether to be flattered or not because I had no clue who this Evelyn Woods person was, but now I do, thanks 😉 I do read quite fast, which comes in handy for my day job. As for the atheistic thing, I don´t dwell too much on that. See you on Sat!

    Ilva- Can´t wait to see your answers.

    Lis- Thanks for sharing that story, it was hilarious! As for my brother´s friend, i do have that suspicion, in fact, I think I recall him saying something to me to that effect, but i´m not sure and it was going to sound bad if i assumed that was the cause of the teasing.
    And yep, Phoebe doesn´t seem to hear my pleas for her to stop growing unfortunately.

    Sil- Thanks. I try to be amusing at least, it doesn´t always work though!

    David- That´s hilarious! The poor guys must have been scared out of their minds, to be standing there in the presence of the devil himself!

  8. Joe

    Those pups are adorable!

  9. Cool, I´ll do it.

  10. Hi Pip,

    Of course you should be flattered. I promise never to say anything unflattering of you. Anyway, I just finished it. You can view it here
    , my list of 7 random things about me.

  11. I still get along better with boys than girls.

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  13. Oh – you tagged me. I did this one recently (I think)!

    I love your answers!

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