Repaying in kind

In another chapter of voyeuristic blogging, I´m about to show the world… my aprons! But, before you start thinking I have a strong exhibitionist streak, this one is Ilva´s fault, since she was curious about people´s aprons and the story behind them, so she created an event around them.

I have to confess that I rarely use aprons while I cook. And it´s not because I shouldn´t given my clumsy ways, it´s just that I usually forget, that is, unless I´m making bread and the flying flour sends a clear put-on-your-apron message.

So I “only” have three aprons: two were given as gifts and one I bought from El Gourmet because I thought it was cool. Obviously, I´m going to talk about the two gifts.


This first apron was a gift from María Teresa, a fellow translator from Panama I met through and quickly grew attached to. It´s really funny how some people just seem familiar to you pretty much instantly, she certainly was one of those rare cases. She came to Buenos Aires for a translation conference last year, so we met there and I invited her to my house for a round of facturas. What I didn´t know is that she had brought me an amazing apron all the way from Panama. She told me the handiwork was very typical of a native tribe there, and being the clutz that I am, I obviously forgot the name of the tribe. But either way, this apron reminds me of her and just how nice and good-natured the world can seem at times… if only world politics were that easy!

apron Panama

Now, on to the second apron. This one was given to me by someone you probably know… none other than Helene from Tartelette. This one has a long story behind it, part of which would be weird for me to share, so let´s just say that I sent a care package to Helene a couple of months ago because she was going through a true ordeal and there´s just something special about her… I can´t quite put my finger on it, but I feel this weird connection with her, considering I´ve never met her. So, anyway, I don´t want to get all mushy and lose my street cred (yes, people, we are assuming I have street cred), so as I was saying, I sent her a dulce de leche jar and some salted butter caramels a while ago, and then Helene asked me for my address so she could send me a thank you note. (As an aside, thank you notes are a foreign concept to us in Argentina, so it did seem strange when she asked for my address, but I figured it was an American thing to do. Yes, she is French, but she could have Americanized after all these years.)


Last week, Helene told me to be on the look-out for the mailman because she had sent me a little something. Of course, my mind went into overdrive mode trying to figure out what it could be. And this is what I got in the mail:

apron Helene 2

How posh is this apron? I mean, it´s a bit too cute to cook with. I should just put it on before guests arrive so I look like a Stepford wife or Martha Stewart… cooking a full meal without breaking a sweat or getting dirty… as if!



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14 responses to “Repaying in kind

  1. Excellent post! I love them both – but I really, really love Phoebe’s pictures. 😀 (as if I’d keep my mouth shut)

    Right now I am chatting with you and Helene on yahoo, but I wanted to read this before I have to go to bed because I have to go back to work tomorrow and I really don’t want to.. but I will because I am not rich.

    Loved your stories about where they both came from.. you made me smile. Like you always do. =)


  2. Marce, you got me all mushy….you just have no idea how your initiative got me all choked up with tears a few months past. Now, I am sending packages one at a time, more like one month at a time, because like Lisa, I am not rich, but since ya’ll both seems to accept me poor and drunk on sorbet….well then I am happy!
    Phoebe is just adorable….Now to get yourself a man, just wear the aprons with skimpy underwear…hehehe!!!

  3. Your aprons are beautiful and they made me realize how elegant black aprons can be! I want one now! Thanks a lot for the entry Marce!

  4. Cute aprons Marce. I like you often forget to wear my aprons too. I only have one actually thanks to Myriam (Browniebabe) now I have two. But I would not want to ruin that in any way.

  5. Seeing all of these aprons pop up really makes me want to get a cute apron!! I rarely wear one as well, but I’ve decided that I should start wearing one so I will stop getting stains on my clothes!!

  6. You take my breath away. Both these aprons are what I find in the kitchen . . . good food and good friends. A perfect post Marce.

  7. 1. That apron is adorable, I’m so envious!
    2. Ah snow, it’s so hot I’m dying here, I miss snow!
    3. Everything looks delicious, especially those muffins!

  8. Oh, I love your aprons…your glamorous, elegant one from Tartelette (how very chic), as well as the one with the beautiful handiwork from your friend in Panama. And, can I just add…your dog is adorable…how cute is that last photo with him looking on from the distance?! 🙂

  9. Marce those are really cute aprons. But I must say your golden retriever has grown!

  10. Sigh. I only have one apron and I just received it from a friend this past Christmas. I never wear one, to my mother’s chagrin. And I have spatters and spots on my Tee shirts to prove it.

    Guess I’ll have to turn over a new leaf, right?

    I loved your post 🙂

  11. Tartellete is on to something…. at least if you don’t get a man you would most likely get a fan club. 🙂

  12. OK…I love that apron. Well, I love all of them, but I especially love the one Helene gave you! Gorgeous!

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog and will definitely visit again, your creations look wonderful. In case you were still wondering, the first apron has a “mola” on it made by Kuna women of San Blas Islands of Panama.

  14. Gaby

    Hi Marce!
    My trip to Buenos Aires is approaching fast! I was wondering where had you bought that gorgeous mug from “El Gourmet” because I want one too!!! I checked their website and they don’t seem to have a link to buy it.
    Looking forward to it!

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