Snow in Buenos Aires: a photographic essay


I know this will be boring for those of you in cooler climates, but it´s the first time it has snowed in Buenos Aires since 1918, so this is big news around here, thus bear with me for a while.


My parents smiling in the snow


It´s not big foot per se, but my father huge foot on the snow 

I was at my parents´house in the suburbs, so we got much more snow around here that in the city itself so we stayed outside as much as possible trying to capture everything, even Phoebe got to play in the snow for the first time.



It´s funny how something as simple as snow can make me happy, but I´ve been in a great mood all day playing like a child. What can I say, the best things in life are free indeed after all, which works for me since I´m not particularly loaded at the moment!



(Back to the regular programming soon, but this deserved to be captured. Remember to take a look at the previous post with the cheese roll recipe.)


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19 responses to “Snow in Buenos Aires: a photographic essay

  1. Try being in Utah for a winter – by the time it is over, you will be very sick of the snow!!! But, that first snowfall is always the best one!

  2. Really wonderful and you’ve captured the childlike happiness of the snow with words and pictures! Love it.

  3. I’ve seen snow a few times since moving to the UK and go back to my 4-year-old self every time! 😆

  4. Hi, I’m from the west of Buenos Aires, It was a big day in our life, the snow is so cute, but .. did people think in all the poor people in the street? or why is snowing in buenos aires? was it a signal of the global heating? this is cute but … i’ve got to remember this meteorogical signal

    Base Marambio (base militar de investigaciones en el sur de la antartida)

    -47ºCelciusm,is equivalent to -52 Fahrenheit.

    if the annormaly in all the argentina continues , this temperature gonna make every one in the Marambio’s base surely die.

    I know, I know , my english is not the best

  5. I like the rainbow of opinion going on here.

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  7. Congratulations on it, and I sure enjoyed the pictures.

    I visited Buenos Aires once, in 1984, about two days after the World Cup victory. All I remember are wide boulevards and lots of paper tape. 🙂

  8. Argentina won the FIFA’s World Cup in 1986 , and not in 1984

  9. Mirando el sitio de a My kitchen in a half cup encontre Marce y pense : “Marce solo puede ser de acá.” (mi esposo es Marce tambien ) . Tuvimos la misma idea de las fotos (creo que todos) al fin hacian años que no nevava em Buenos Aires. Me gusto mucho tu blog y seguro volveré a visitarlo.

  10. I can’t recall the last time I saw snow…I wish we had some now. It is unbelievably hot here!

  11. Gertrude

    My sister in law live at La Plata and she said that was the first time its snow there and she said is very cold. Wish the weather is cooler here. Temperature is like 100 degree here


  12. So I was telling W about our conversation and how shocked I was that you guys actually have winters down there.. and he didn’t believe me! So I got in his face and said that Phoebe’s Mom DOESN’T LIE. And then the next day he heard about the snow storm and guess who is eating his words now, eh? MUAHAHAHA!


  13. ohh and I made grilled cheese and salad for lunch today. 😛


  14. I’m thinking the snow is very cool! I love the photos. It’s the same here in San Diego when we say it’s humid, and people from the East Coast say, “Oh, you have no idea…” Whatever. I think weather is fun, since we so rarely have it. Well, I don’t count SUN as weather. It’s highly overrated.

  15. Well, the first since 1918 is cause for excitement. Where I come from, snow is a regular visitor and this past year we got A LOT of it.

    I love Phoebe’s ‘play’ photo. SO cute!

  16. Bryan Artero

    To Lisa re: “So I was telling W about our conversation and how shocked I was that you guys actually have winters down there.. and he didn’t believe me!” I’m sorry, but you and W must be unbelievably stupid to not have known that the southern part of S. America has winters (including the other 3 seasons as well.) Yea shocker, you see, there’s something called latitude which you should have learned in a geography course or some sort of natural science course in primary school. The further north or south you are on the latitude scale from the equator, that’s where you find all 4 seasons. That contributes to differences in temperatures. For example, winters are generally cold while summers are generally warm. All this is affected by the tilt of the Earth’s axis (that’s right, the Earth has a tilt.) At certain times of the year, the northern part of the hemisphere is tilted toward the sun (the n. hemisphere’s summer while the s. hemisphere’s winter b/c it is facing AWAY from the sun’s DIRECT RAYS) giving the places in the deep s. hemisphere (such as Argentina) winters. Now put that brain to work and try to learn this so that you won’t look so foolish next time. I feel embarrassed for whoever schooled you and W growing up.

  17. Bryan Artero

    Nice photos by the way and cute family. So many strange occurrences have been happening lately…Buenos Aires isn’t the only place that has experienced snow for the first time in nearly a century, look at Baghdad from early this year.

  18. Cool post, maybe you dream fof writters?

    Sry, hehe))

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