Why everyone should start a blog:

free cookies and brownies, of course!

You see, I was invited to a blogger event organized by Frank, who owns a cookie shop called Sugar & Spice just a few blocks away from my house. Those of you who know me must know that an offer like that is a total no brainer, so I said YES instantly.

So I got to try different cookies (and even take home a box of brownies) and meet fellow Buenos Aires bloggers, which was a first for me, because actually I had never met fellow bloggers, be it from here or anywhere else. Needless to say I had a wonderful time munching away and talking to some very interesting people (and I even got to dust off my spoken English that has been safely resting since I finished college).

(These are totally cute and come with bags of cookies and cookies presented as lollypops, next time someone has a baby, no flowers!)

Since I don´t want to piss off those of you outside of Buenos Aires who don´t get to try the cookies, I´m adding some pictures of my venture into jam making, specifically kumkuat jam making.

I got a 2-pound bag of kumkuats (or quinotos) at the farmers´market for 2 pesos on Wednesday (0.65 dollars or so) in which can possibly be the bargain of the year so I got busy right away. I used this recipe, though I cooked the jam 10 minutes longer because I wanted a thicker consistency.


I used some of Frank´s brownies to go along with the jam, which worked wonderfully because of the sweet-tart-sour combination.



(Thanks to Frank and Alan for the pictures of the event. Hope to see you all soon.)


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10 responses to “Why everyone should start a blog:

  1. Bloggers are a fun lot in my experience.

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  3. Great fun!
    Since mostly we blog alone, meeting like this helps me feel more connected, and less “far from home.”
    Not to mention the satisfaction of eating good cookies that don’t have dulce de leche in them!
    Hasta la proxima!

  4. FREE COOKIES?! 😮 Worth the 7000 mile trip maybe? 😉

  5. Verito

    Hey Marce,

    I love your blog. I wish I could write like you but unfortunately I’m not so good at it.

    I am an Uruguayan living in Miami, USA and reading your blog brings me back to my early years.
    I love baking and cooking so I am getting lots of ideas from your blog.

    Thanks a lot!!

    PS: I don’t know about your spoken English but your writting is awesome… when I grow up I want to write like you.. hehehe


  7. WordPress is not doing too well in the letting-you-know-you-have-comments field, so I´m a bit behind in replying to comments.

    Tanna- Definitely agree with you on that one.

    Cherie- In my case, it´s great meeting people, but not being an expat myself, I´m already home 😉 As for the cookies with no dulce de leche in them, I enjoy them tremendously, but I also love alfajores and the like, do I have to choose?

    Nazca- Well, free cookies for BA bloggers, you see 😛

    Verito- Thanks so much for the compliments. I´m definitely not too talented in the writing department, but I get by. I´m glad you are enjoying the blog so far, especially missing food from home (I bet you die for Conaprole dulce de leche, my personal favorite). Oh, and please don´t grow up to be like me, I wouldn´t recommend it hahaha

    Frank (aka Cookie monster)- definitely with you on your philosophy lol I even have cookie monster´s slippers, so I´m a huge fan of yours 😉

  8. Marce,

    Likewise. Your pictures always look so yummy.

  9. I would be all about that! What a fun looking group of bloggers.

  10. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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