I think I might be becoming Brilynn, which isn´t a bad thing at all, but I´m talking about her Dorie obsession here, so I´m a bit worried. You see, the first hurdle of choosing the first recipe from the book was sorted out, and now I can´t stop!


This isn´t good in terms of variety and my hips are screaming loudly at this point, but I´ll just have to keep inventing dinner parties and lunches to have people eat the stuff.


Case in point, these amazing “snickery squares” I made for father´s day last Sunday, which thanks to my little helpers I just consumed a little square of!

Basically they are pure evil: a pie crust, followed by caramelized salted peanuts, dulce de leche and a chocolate glaze. You can´t really go wrong here, and I think the caramelized salted peanuts are genius because they act as a perfect balance for the extreme sweetness of dulce de leche… plus, the crunch isn´t bad either.


And I had the whole thing ready in a bit over half an hour because I had frozen leftover dough from the pastafrola I made a couple of weeks ago so I just used that. One bit of advice here: try to find a thick dulce de leche as you don´t want it spilling out from the sides. In Argentina there´s a special type of dulce de leche called “dulce de leche repostero/de repostería” which is quite thicker than the regular type and is specially made for cakes and such. But I know it must be difficult to find elsewhere, so just try to get a brand that you know is quite thick. Last word of advice: get dulce de leche, which is made out of cow´s milk, instead of Mexican cajeta, which is made out of goat´s milk, the flavor is completely different. Some good brands I know: La Serenísima, Conaprole (my personal favorite), Havanna, Chimbote, La Salamandra.

Ok, now I´ve dispensed all the advice you needed, and probably some more, go and make some grown-up Snickers… just make sure you have someone around to help you eat them, and a big glass of milk!


For the recipe, head off to Peabody´s site, which also happens to have some of the best food porn on the net.


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15 responses to “Snickering

  1. meetaa

    The Dorie obsession is certainly not bad at all. I think there are many who share the obsession who have the book. It’s simply awesome and if I could I would be baking from it everyday. This looks so incredibly good! I could dive into it!

  2. The squares look terrific — I hope your father liked them. And your advice about using thick dulce de leche is right on. How lucky for you to be in the land of great dulce de leche!

  3. I love these candy bar like creations. They make my mouth water every time. So sinful and gooey. Oh boy!

  4. I, too, have caught the Dorie bug and am completely obsessed!! These look so good – I am putting them on my “to make” list right away!

  5. I don’t think you can not be obsessed with Dorie and her latest book! Try one and your in for the entire bunch! It does pay to have a crowd available to taste until a dish is gone.

  6. Pure evil? Or pure genius? LOL!
    These look wonderful – and no worries about being obsessed with Dorie’s book. I’d be worried if you WEREN’T!

  7. maite

    Where’s my invitation to try these!?? I don’t think I got it… Save one for me, will you? =P

  8. Oh, I’m drooling in envy, those look great.

    P.S. I never answered the question you asked- my father’s Argentine. He still lives there, with all his family in Mendoza, and we also keep an apt. in B.A. Unfortunately, I haven’t been since I was a child, but hopefully someday!

  9. Muahaha! It was all part of my plan… everyone will LOVE Dorie!

  10. You guys are SO NOT FAIR! I’m eating salads and veggies and you are making things like this! They are screaming at me from my screen.. “EAT ME!” hehe

    ‘kay well I haven’t been 100% good (I don’t want to get addicted to salads and veggies after all!) but nothing I’ve made in the dessert category looks as yummy as these!


  11. Sil (Bs As)

    I totally agree with you about Dorie’s obsession!!! I keep looking at the pictures and planning which recipe will be the next one…
    Tip: to thicken normal dulce de leche, adding a little bit of cornstarch diluted in cold milk will do.

    (Conaprole? where do you get it? isn’t it uruguayo?)

  12. Yeah, those were really, really good.

  13. Colleen in South Africa

    Oh….My……Word!!!!! These pix nearly killed me. I have been on a strict diet for the past 10 days with many more to go 😦 These squares look positively DIVINE!!! One day soooooon……………

  14. I can see you’ve put the book to some really good use, sweetie!
    This is just fantastic – I’ve gained 5 pounds just by looking at it. 😉

  15. Meeta- I know, if only we all had terrific genes to eat like that every day.

    Dorie- I´m so happy you stopped by! I promise not to build a shrine just yet hahaha but they were terrific. My dad, who is more into salami and such than sweets, ate 3 squares, a total success I´d say. And I´m definitely happy to live in the land of great dulce de leche, it really goes well with most things, kind of like the parmesan cheese of the sweet world.

    Cheryl, Deborah, Tanna- I´m glad to be in such good company in the Dorie fan bandwagon 😉

    Gilly- haha I think they are both pure evil AND pure genius!

    Maite- None left for you this time around. You´ll get some when there´s a reprise, don´t worry.

    Mercedes- I looooove Mendoza, both the city and the province. So you have an available apartment in the city and you still haven´t visited in such a long time? That´s a terrible shame, you must start looking into getting cheap flights to Buenos Aires!

    Brilynn- hahaha well, I must say your plan is working worderfully so far.

    Lisa- I know, sorry about that, but hey, it was father´s day, and my dad deserves the best 😉

    Sil- Good tip! I actually haven´t eaten my beloved Conaprole in years because I haven´t found it in Buenos Aires yet. It´s actually my favorite dulce de leche ever, which is a lot to say.

    Peabody- Thanks! Your photos helped seal the deal on which recipe to make this time.

    Colleen- Just focus and it´ll be over in no time. Everyone must indulge once in a while 😉

    Patricia- hahaha yeah, they classify as one of those things that you can eat with your eyes.

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