Happy 25 de mayo!

Yes, that´s right, it´s not all about 5 de mayo in this world, and this festivity doesn´t involve any sort of hangover-inducing activities.

In Argentina, on May 25th we celebrate one of the turning points in our struggle to gain independence from Spain. The actual independence was obtained on July 9th, 1816, but what is known as the “Revolución de Mayo” , which happened on May 25th, 1810, was the first step towards emmancipation, so it´s one of the main holidays here in Argentina.

Now, I was thinking of making a typical celebratory dish for the holiday, namely “tortas fritas” or “pastelitos”, but I ran out of time, so I thought I´d just commemorate the holiday with a recap of traditional (or not so traditional) Argentine dishes I´ve done for the blog so far and some pictures I´ve found on the web.

Alfajores de maizena

Milanesas with a twist

Pizza y fainá

a piece of heaven

alfajor de maizena

Mate con pastelitos 

 Tortas fritas



Torta Rogel

Oh, and don´t forget to check back this Sunday for the Daring Bakers´ post. 



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3 responses to “Happy 25 de mayo!

  1. Those are some really good tasting looking pictures! Great fun.

  2. Happy 25 de Mayo to you too 🙂 Those sables at the beginning look amazing.

  3. Happy Revolución de Mayo!


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