miracles sometimes happen… a fat-free, all-natural ice cream

I´m a bit of a sceptic at heart… you know the drill, atheist, doesn´t always see the good in all people, doesn´t buy easily into things that seem too good to be true.

So miracles are definitely not something I´m prone to believe in, but I can´t really think of a better way to label this discovery: a creamy, fat and sugar free ice cream that´s 100% natural and has just a few calories.


I know, I know, it sounds like one of those late night ads on the shopping network, but it´s not! Just bear with me for a while and keep reading.

I happened to be watching a cooking show today that´s called “Good Food” because it´s about healthy food that actually tastes very good (notice the use of “healthy”, meaning not always low on calories, but good for you). The show was about to end but the woman on tv was saying something about ice cream so my attention was on immediately.

She was showing how the ice cream she had prepared had turned out and saying that it had no cream or fat in it. I was like “no way”, but I kept watching anyway. There is a recap section when the show is over, and she was actually right!

look at that dripping dulce de leche

She had simply taken some bananas, sliced them roughly, frozen the slices for at least 5 hours and processed them, then on to the freezer for at least 15 minutes and that´s it, a creamy banana ice cream.

Of course, as soon as I turned off the tv, I grabbed the 2 bananas we had here and started the process. This happened at 5 pm, by 10.30pm, I was eating one of the best banana ice creams I´ve ever tasted, I´m still in awe.

oh so creamy

I´m gonna write down the “recipe” below just to make it more user-friendly, but there´s really nothing to it, except for the pure genius of whoever discovered this.

Now this time I´m begging you, grab some bananas and make this right now, you´ll be forever grateful.

the best banana ice cream ever

Miracle banana ice cream (original idea by Juliana López May)

4 big bananas

Serves 4

1. Peel and slice the bananas roughly (my slices were about 2 cm thick).

2. Place them in a freezer-safe container one next to the other, but without touching each other so they don´t stick together when frozen. (I put a plastic sheet below so they wouldn´t stick to the tupper).

3. Freeze them for 5 hours.

4. Put the frozen slices in your food processor and process until you get a very smooth cream.

5. Put the mixture in a bowl and freeze again for 15 minutes or more.

(It doesn´t keep more than a few days in the freezer since it obviously doesn´t have any preservatives)


I served my ice cream with a simple dulce de leche sauce (dulce de leche heated in the microwave with a touch of milk), a bit of toasted coconut and half a nut. It really couldn´t be better. I´ll be making this again and again.

This is my entry for Heart of the matter, the blogging event created by Ilva and Joanna to expand our number of delicious recipes that are heart-friendly.


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28 responses to “miracles sometimes happen… a fat-free, all-natural ice cream

  1. Sounds wonderful! and to think about all the possibilities with other fruits…great entry!

  2. Pip, I think you’ve done it. I think I can see that this would work…As soon as I have some bananas I’ll be doing this one. Banana is one of Gorn’s favorites! Geeze the only thing wrong with this that I can see is you have to wait while it freezes! Excellent job. Ilva is going to love this.

  3. Tanna is right, I love it! Simplicity itself! I have whole bananas in the freezer and now I wish I had cut them into pieces before freezing them so that I didn’t have to make the whole procedure! Tanks a lot!!

  4. Fantastic – can’t wait to try it … 2 questions: 1. is the only reason they mustn’t touch to make it easier with the processor? And 2. Ilva what do you do with frozen bananas???


  5. Barbara

    Sounds good, but you can hardly call it fat-free and sugar-free if you add dulce de leche, coconut, and nuts. Yet I doubt you could get Argentines to eat it without adding sugar or artificial sweetener in some form!

  6. Helene- Thanks. She actually made it with strawberries as well, but the texture was more sorbet-like, while this one is totally creamy. And with fruits with a higher acid content like strawberries, I´m sure you´d need some sort of sweetener in there as well, but it´s definitely worth trying. My head is spinning with all the different possibilities for those of us without an ice cream machine.

    Tanna- Thanks! I´m sure he´s gonna love it because it obviously has an indiluted banana flavor. Let me know how it goes.

    Ilva- You could try breaking them up a bit now… I´m sure it´ll work just fine if you have a strong food processor.

    Joanna- Thanks. 1. I have no idea. I just know that´s the way she placed them so I guessed that was the reason why she did it like that. For the answer to 2. we´ll have to wait for Ilva.

    Barbara- Well, the sugar and fat free part is the ice cream itself, which you can very well eat on its own. I added the dulce de leche, the nuts and the coconut for presentation and to make it more complex, since I can afford a few extra calories. Not sure about the sugar crazy part, I´ve traveled quite a bit and I haven´t seen a difference in terms of sugar in other parts of the world.

  7. Holy cow! I can’t wait to try this! I’m so glad you were watching that episode. hee!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Sil (Bs As)

    I’ve seen the show, and even if I wasn`t convinced by the sauce ( was it algarroba?) the icecream is great. I have 3 bananas waiting for me! byeeeee

  9. I used to work at an ice cream store that also sold yogun fruz and I would always run the bananas through the yogun fruz machine and add chocolate pieces that I’d swipe from the ice cream… sooo good!

  10. Sounds wonderful. And everyone knows that any food prepared and eaten within three days either way of a holiday is completely calorie (and that includes calories from fat) free!

  11. No way. This really works? Really? I mean, as in… it’s good? 😀

    Hi! It’s Brin from Freeman House. Thanks for stopping by today! I love your post today and am definitely going to try your suggested banana concoction…. I use frozen bananas in smoothies, so surely this isn’t too crazy, right?

    Thanks for the suggestion. Can’t wait to see what I can come up with!


  12. Hi Pip! I love the simplicity of this treat – It would be such relief on a hot summer’s day! I wonder if other fruit would work too?

  13. Lisa- Thanks! I´m glad as well! haha I can´t wait to try it with different fruits to see how the texture turns out.

    Sil- Yeah, it was algarroba, but that was for the strawberry ice cream. For the banana one she used an almond dulce de leche. Let me know how it goes if you try it.

    Brilynn- mmmm chocolate hahaha Here in Argentina we have a very popular ice cream flavor called “banana split” which has banana ice cream, chocolate chips and… guess… yes, spoonfuls of dulce de leche hahah yeah, dulce de leche is the wildcard in desserts here.

    Claudia- Of course! And this one is actually pretty good for you, with or without the extras.

    Brin- Thanks for stopping by. Yep, it does work marvelously with bananas, with other fruits I´m sure it´ll be more like a sorbet, but still good in my book.

    Gilly- Thanks. Yeah, she used it with strawberries as well and said it worked with other fruits but with a different texture. From what I could see on tv, the strawberry ice cream was more like a sorbet.

  14. wow, yeah, good idea. i bet you can mix in some other berries to give it other flavors. bananas are perfectly creamy so i can see how this would work great!

  15. Oh my this is great. I love banana on icecream so I can imagine how great this is if it is the ice cream itself. Thanks for posting this ,Pip!

  16. Hi Marce,

    Couldn’t find and email adress for you, but YES! Please, I’ll have both those recipes. I have the Chickpea and tapioca flours!

  17. Sil bs as

    I’ve tried it!!!!!!!!! it’s great, creamy, tasty and soooooo simple it hurts =)
    I wanna try with pears now that are in season…maybe add a bit of cream… well, stop, I just wanted to confirm this icecream is a great idea!

  18. Connie- yeah, definitely, it´s just a matter of thinking what can work with banana without adding too many calories… though, between us, if calories aren´t much of a problem, I´d add some nuts before the last touch in the processor and then add a couple of spoonfuls of dulce de leche and fold once mmm yeah… ok, this wasn´t the point, I was trying to be “light”, damn it! hahaha

    Veron- You are welcome. Yeah, if you love bananas, you´ll love this one because it´s a undiluted banana at its best.

    Claudia- Check your email, I just sent you the recipes 🙂

    Sil- Yey! So glad you liked it 🙂 Mmmm pears with cream, maybe a bit of cinammon and a touch of lemon zest *drooling*

    Oh, and by the way, my email address is in the “about” page, but for the record, it is pipinthecity at gmail dot com

  19. Elle

    What a fantastic idea! Sweetie loves bananas, and ice cream. This will be a great surprise.
    It’s OK to add the toppings ‘cuz you saved so many calories making the ice cream that way.

  20. Okay just keeping you abreast of the situation…

    My bananas are sitting on my counter getting riper by the day. Is riper a word? Anyhoo.. I’m waiting for maximum sweetness before I cut and freeze.

    In the meantime, I think I’ll make Bril’s bacon brittle to go with it.


  21. Sometimes the simplest things are just the most wonderful ones. This is something I’m willing to try!

  22. This is quite an awesome find. I am going to have to try this, this weekend.

  23. I tried it tonight and I’ll be blogging about it in the next few days. HOLY CRAP Marce! It was
    banana-y. It was creamy. It was HEAVENLY.

    It’s a dieting gal’s dream dessert. Thank you SO MUCH for posting about it.


  24. Glad you all liked it, please do let me know if you like it and what different add-ons you used (I have my head full of ideas for add-ons to the banana ice cream and variations with different fruits trying to keep them creamy).

    Lisa- Yeah! I´m so glad you tried it (I just read your meme so I´m particularly glad it can be of assistance while trying to work towards your goal 🙂

    I´ll sure be tuned in to read your post about it.

  25. This is absolutely brilliant!! I am an ice cream lover, but have been trying to cut back – what a perfect solution when you are craving ice cream!

  26. Johannes

    guys, isnt a banana one of the most fattening fruits in the world?
    Im not doubting that its LOW fat ice cream, but, its NOT Fat FREE.
    Please do excuse me if I am wrong.

  27. Johannes

    Oh, and by the way, the people who eat bananas when they are very ripe, then what can I say other than not only is banana one of the most fattening fruits in th world but also the ripper a banana the more sugar it creates, hence why its sweeter when it is almost black.
    Sorry once again if im wrong, but im 99.9% sure im not.
    Unlike the fat free dessert.

  28. Kayla

    Oh my god this was SO good! I had a whole banana in my freezer and i just cut it up into thick slices and then cut the circles in half and tossed it in the cuisinart and it made a perfect little half cup portion. Then I drizzled a little maple syrup on it and it was sooo good! Will be making pretty much every day now 🙂

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