growing pains… and joys

Due to popular demand (I´m looking at you, Lisa), I´m going to do a picture update on Phoebe.

Needless to say, she´s quite a handful at 3 and a half months, but she´s also a riot and makes me laugh all the time… well, not ALL the time, sometimes she makes me fret with some potty issues better not discussed here, or with jumping and biting a bit too much… puppy owners know exactly how it goes, sometimes you can´t believe how much you love them, sometimes you wonder if you were crazy for taking up such a huge responsability.

But mostly, it´s a fun ride, and we´ll start going to the park in just 2 weeks after her vaccines… oh yes, I´ll be able to make her tired for once! Or so I like to believe at least hahaha

Without further ado, a full slideshow for your enjoyment. (hrmp! the code isn´t working, so I´ll have to post the url instead until the people at WordPress solve my little problem).


(UPDATE: Problem “solved”, apparently, the only one I can use is, so here´s another slideshow, though I like the first one better.) 

For the no-puppy crowd, I promise to be back very soon with food posts.


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6 responses to “growing pains… and joys

  1. Soooo cute! I can’t wait to get a dog. But, no yard = no dog for me! B says we can have one, once we buy a house. I can’t wait to buy a house.

  2. Oh, you make me miss my golden puppy.
    Phoebe is a marvelous golden! Each picture, I’m thinking this is the best…they are all so wonderful.

  3. How can there be “no puppy people” out there? Just look at that sweet face! Thanks for the pictures. I have been anxiously awaiting 🙂

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s growing up to be a lovely lil lady, isn’t she?? But tell her to stop growing so fast! =(

    I LOVED the slide show it was fantastic. 😀

    I had a problem loading the one you couldn’t get to work on WordPress, but I’ll keep trying. hehe

    Hugs & Happy Easter!

  5. Jennifer- Yeah, I know the feeling. Though I only have that small patio you see in some of the pictures, and I didn´t let that stop me! I do live across the street from a big park though.

    Tanna- Thanks, though I hope I don´t make you sad with the pictures.

    Kristen- I know, it´s kinda hard to believe, but I even have friends who are not puppy people… a true testament to my open-mindness hahaha

    Lisa- I tell her to stop growing, but she doesn´t seem to listen! lol She must be around 30 pounds now, so she´s half-grown in just 3 and a half months, scary!

    The other slideshow works fine for me (but don´t worry anyways, it´s the same pictures, just a different presentation and easier to see the photo titles).

    Happy Easter to you too, go easy on those eggs 😉

  6. I don’t get how you can NOT love a puppy! They have the most winsome faces and personalities. Everyone is their friend!

    I would love your girl, Marce. I would be her best friend!

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