and for the umpteenth time…

… yes, bread, but this time it´s not Italian at least… I need to find an element of surprise here and there!

My bread-making book barely has an unmarked corner so I need to start getting productive to feel I´m making a dent in my infinite to-cook list.

This time, the chosen bread was pumpernickel.


I was a bit apprehensive about the use of strong coffee in the dough… to say the least, in my head it when something like “what the #$%?” when I read the ingredients list. It also had fennel seeds, which didn´t quite convince me so I used coriander seeds instead.

But I love a good challenge, so I decided to go for it despite my reservations. The result was good, but the flavor is a bit too strong for my liking… maybe it´s the coriander seeds, I don´t know, and I still don´t know what the coffee is doing there.

And the book said I had to wait 24 hours to slice the bread, which was pure torture, so that probably added to my blah feeling about the bread. I mean, if I have to wait a whole day to eat something, it´d better blow my mind! 

Don´t get me wrong, it´s not bad, it´s just not as good as I had thought and it´s better if sliced thinly and eaten with a bit of cream cheese and something fresh like confit tomatoes or something like that.

pumpernickel 2

So I´m not giving you the recipe I used this time around since I´m not 100% convinced and I wouldn´t forgive myself for giving you a so-so recipe.

Though I am giving you a link to Deb´s pumpernickel recipe in case you are interested since it doesn´t have any coffee or fennel seeds, so I´m sure it´s much better 😉

Hopefully next time, I can give you a killer recipe, until then…



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6 responses to “and for the umpteenth time…

  1. Despite the fact that you weren’t overly impressed with the taste of this bread, it still looks amazing!

  2. I love pumpernickel. Used to buy it from store (that time didn’t have oven), very grainy and extremely dense, and cut it very very thin, but I just loved it. Yours look very good to me, yes, immediately thinking of cream cheese, maybe some smoked meat… drool!

  3. I’ve only had pumpernickel in the form of those lil tiny party breads? And then they were heaped upon with a cheesey sausage mixture so you really don’t taste the bread.. bad, eh? hehe So I can’t really say anything about your loaves other than they look gorgeous! And they do =)

  4. Ohh and uhmm.. we need more pictures of
    her ———————————>>>>


  5. Brilynn- Thanks, that does make things better, and I´m making bread again for a friend´s bday tomorrow because we are having tapas (or “picada” as we call it), so I´m getting a bread re-match soon 🙂 Now those crepes, that was a whole different thing haha

    Gattina- Yeah, it´s really not bad, just a bit strong, and I might be more excited about it if it weren´t for my high expectations. I´ll try the smoked meat, that should work really well. Though for the time being, the bread is resting in the freezer.

    Lisa- hahaha thanks, this one definitely has flavor, tons of it.
    And I know, I will do an update on Phoebe as soon as I get some more good pictures… because as cute as she is, she doesn´t like me taking pictures of her. Every time I turn on the camera, she runs towards me and jumps as if saying “stop it, you crazy camera lady!” haha

  6. Marce this looks like such a great loaf. I’ve seen coffee in many recipes for bread. It’s ok to not like something even when it’s done correctly.
    It’s funny how some people and some puppies just don’t want their picture taken.

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