rolls of delight, part II

tomato-arugula rolls 2

You see, I was trying NOT to write about bread this time around, but apparently, it won´t be possible. I seem to be obsessed with breads lately (not helped by the purchase of a cookbook focused solely on bread). I´ve been reading about all sorts of breads, dreaming of attending a bread-making class (without going broke), drooling over bread pictures on the web, and imagining all the breads I´m going to make this fall-winter (summer wasn´t working with me and my bread making period). In fact, I plan on making every slice of bread I eat this year… don´t think I´m completely nuts, my freezer is my very best friend!

tomato-arugula rolls 3

I was planning of discussing a nice dessert, a good vegetable dish, or something along those lines, but looking at the food pictures I had lined up to discuss, these bread pictures were definitely the ones that inspired me the most. To make matters worse, the flavor combination of this particular recipe is very very Italian, as usual. Could I be any more predictable?

tomato-arugula rolls

But this bread is just way too good to wait to post it and then forget all the tiny details of the cooking- and eating- process. In fact, it´s so good that it was the main element of our dinner that night, just the bread and a generous salad.

Since the preparation took place at my parents´s house, I must admit that I was only a side-kick in the making of the bread because my mom was the one in charge of cooking, but I can still attest that it was quite easy to prepare… and, most importantly, I can swear on my life that it tasted just as good as it looks, if not better.

raw tomato-arugula rolls

When reading the recipe, you might wonder why it calls for an alternation of liquids and dry ingredients, instead of just mixing the dry ingredients, making a hole in the middle and adding the liquids there. Well, we did too, and while I don´t have an answer as to the whys of that particular method (I´d be very grateful if someone can enlighten me about it), I´m sure there is an explanation for it, and the result was fantastic, so I´m not one to argue after a victory.

tomato-arugula roll

(Check out the recipe after the jump, and do yourself a favor and make this fantastic bread, you can thank me later 😉

tomato-arugula rolls 4

Bread rolls with arugula and confit tomatoes (translated and adapted from 145 Recetas de Panes y facturas by Marcelo Vallejo)


Dry yeast, 15 grams (around 1 tablespoon)
Water, 600 cc (around 20 fl oz or 2 1/2 cups)
All-purpose flour (0000), 1 kilo (2.2 pounds)
Salt, 22 grams (1 1/2 tablespoons)
Butter, 85 grams (6 tablespoons)


Arugula, 2 bunches
Grated parmesan cheese, 200 grams (around 1 1/4 cups)
Prosciutto or serrano ham, 200 grams, or a bit less than 1/2 a pound (we used
bondiola, which is a type of Italian sausage, I´m sure a pastrami would also work great here)
Sun-dried tomatoes, 12 (here, we used confit tomatoes my mother had made, we must have used 20 or so, but they are much milder than sun-dried tomatoes, and much yummier, in my humble opinion)
Olive oil, as needed

(Yields 40-50 rolls)

1. For the dough, dissolve the yeast in 100cc of lukewarm water. Add the softened butter and then, little by little, the flour and the salt, alternating this dry mix with the rest of the water (we did this in 3 times).

2. Form a soft dough and knead it for a few minutes.

3. Divide the dough in 2 and shape it like a ball. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes.

4. Roll out each of the balls giving it a rectangular shape. Distribute the arugula leaves on the dough, then the grated cheese, the prosciutto (or bondiola), and the tomatoes (either chopped or whole. He said chopped because he was using sun-dried tomatoes but we left our confit tomatoes whole).

5. Sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and roll the rough, starting from the longest side of the rectangle. Cut portions every 2 cm.

6. Put them on slightly-oiled pans. Cover them and let them double their size.

7. Preheat the oven to 200°C (390°F).

8. Cook the rolls for 25 minutes.

Buono apetito!

This is my first entry to Waiter, there´s something in my bread… I´ll be adding quite a few more during the month, so stay tuned for more bread.


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20 responses to “rolls of delight, part II

  1. Sil (Bs As)

    Que pinta tienen! felicitaciones…
    El tema de la levadura me da un poco de fiaca pero voy a ver si me pongo las pilas.
    Lindo blog… pasaré más seguido…
    See ya!

  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhh yum! I second Brilynn with the drool.

  3. This is great bread and to roll in some arugula and confit tomatoes is simply irresistable!

  4. You’re killin me with the rolls.. I don’t think you should be allowed to write posts like these anymore – at least not without sending me some rolls beforehand!! 😉

    They look amazingly wonderful.. love the idea of the arugula and tomato.. yummy!!

  5. There’s definitely drool on my keyboard. I could eat bread all day long and be perfectly happy.

  6. Oh my gosh… I must try these! They look incredible. Mouth watering….mmmmmmmmm.

  7. I just found your blog and to be introduced via bread, arugula, and Proscuitto? Oh – I will be back. Thanks for the great recipe!

  8. wow these really turned out beautifully.

  9. Sil- Gracias. Y no le temas a la levadura, que es mucho más fácil de trabajar de lo que todo el mundo piensa.

    Lisa- I know, this is all part of my evil plan to make you surrender and make some bread 😉 As for sending some, I totally would, but bread definitely doesn´t travel well. You can drop by some day and I´ll cook up a batch just for you though.

    Brilynn and Jennifer – hahahah thanks, I feel honored to be responsable for the new keyboard decoration 😉

    Chris- Hey, Chris, welcome. I´m glad you are enjoying the blog. If you enjoyed this bread, the previous one will probably be perfect for you as well. And there´s tons of Italian recipes in here by now.

  10. Val

    I’ve made bastardized versions of these rolls. I think I started making them in a college dorm using a toaster oven:

    a can of crescent roll dough
    fresh basil
    crumbled feta cheese

    Unroll the crescent roll dough but don’t peel the pieces apart, leave it in one big rectangle. Sprinkle with sliced fresh basil, cheese, and ham. Roll it up tightly, slice it, bake until golden.
    I don’t know where I got this recipe and I never thought to look for a more sophisticated version. It’s obviously not as good as your recipe but it takes practically no effort.

  11. This is not healthy for me. I thought Ivonne’s blog was pure food crack, and now yours. Sigh, I’m sunk. I HAVE to make those rolls…

  12. Wooo, Wow…I am so glad you’ve joined the Daring Bakers! You so belong in the group!
    That is perfectly magnificent bread/rolls! Please don’t feel bad about doing more bread. Bring it on!
    Now I still need to find your Golden although at least I’ve picked up the name Phoebe.
    I love the big font size in the box here!

  13. Oh my god, could these look anymore desirable? I really want to make some of these so thanks for sharing!!

  14. Linda- Thanks!

    Val- Your recipe sounds really good for a quick fix. And probably much more sophisticated than what the other students ate.

    Freya- You are welcome. Please let me know how they turned out if you make them.

    Claudia- hahaha well, these are not thaaat bad for you, they don´t even have much butter in them or anything, so go right ahead 😉

    Tanna- Thanks! I´m definitely glad to join such a lovely group of people. And ok, I´ll keep baking bread, since you insist hahaha
    You can find the pics of my golden if you click on the tag “Maia” on the right column (Maia is Phoebe´s mom and the family dog).

  15. This is wonderful! I’m so happy I got to know your blog (thanks to your comment on Torta Pasqualina 🙂 ) – I am in a bread making love moment too, I’m going to add this to my list 🙂 Keep in touch!

  16. Two great entries to Waiter – superb. Many thanks for taking part.

  17. What a great entry. I love arrucula and tomatoes. Have to try it.

  18. Hi Marce,

    Thanks for the great recipe, they are very very good! I noticed you already discovered the posting on my blog :-). I was planning to send you a big thank you but you were ahead of me :-). You have a great blog, I’m glad I found it!

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