Ok, I´m officially insane (or how I started a food blog in Spanish)

It would seem to me that when you barely have time to post as often as you want in your blog, it´s not too logical to start another blog… this time in Spanish.

Well, I guess at some level it does make sense because I just did it! I present you Pip en la ciudad, my brand new food blog in Spanish (and by “brand new”, I mean created two hours ago).

This will still be my main blog, but I wanted to be able to write more freely in Spanish whenever I felt like it, because though I sometimes dream in English (I have witnesses!), my mother tongue will always be Spanish so it´ll always flow much better and feel more natural.

I have tons of recipes lined up for you, but today I just didn´t find a good moment to sit down and write a post, translate the recipe I used for the dish and everything, so instead, I chose to do the next best thing, to open up another blog, because, you know, it´s the right thing to do when you can barely do one with as much energy as you´d like 😉



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4 responses to “Ok, I´m officially insane (or how I started a food blog in Spanish)

  1. I thought I would try to teach myself how to speak spanish, I listened to tapes for a while but I didn’t get too far.. Donde eres mi camera? Useful…

    I’m taking up your challenge to make dulce de leche, but after reading the recipe, bacon is definitely easier!

  2. hahaha yeah, probably true, but you´ve made pretty complex stuff so I think you´ll get this one right. For the alfajores de maizena you are better off buying some though because the homemade dulce de leche I´ve tried has always had a thiner consistency, so it would drip all over the alfajor cookies.
    Good luck and write me if you have any questions. I can´t wait to see how it turns out.

  3. Well, now I have a way to brush up on my Spanish. I’m sending your blog en espanol to my friend who has her masters degree in Spanish. She’s going to flip!

    My spanish is limited to: Donde esta su bano, por favor? Es nescessario ahora!

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