Puppy eyes

Things are actually starting to calm down in the puppy-with-too-much-energy-for-me front. Phoebe is adjusting to her new, much smaller, environment and coming to grips with the word “no” haha

She´s growing every single second it seems, coming in at 17 pounds at just 9 weeks of age. She´s still dangerous when it comes to chewing and I fear for my furniture when I´m not around, but she has all these little gestures that make up for her little mishaps.

Phoebe at 8 weeks

She makes me laugh with her clumsy movements and her innocent puppy face or when I´m chasing her and she almost crashes against something and then recovers and runs in the opposite direction.

And luckily she spends much of her day in leisurely activities such as this:



She has the cutest “chicken legs” ever:


She tilts her head when she doesn´t quite understand what I´m saying.


And she made the funniest faces during and after her first bath:


Copy of IMG_0849

(The caption for this last one would read something like “Are you done taking pictures for my public humiliation yet?”)

This is my entry for Cate´s Weekend Dog Blogging


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11 responses to “Puppy eyes

  1. She’s utterly adorable! And I especially love that last photo. Lovely…

  2. Oh I am in love. These are the most adorable puppy photos I have seen for ages (ok, always excluding my Gino boy). Marce and Phoebe, you are two lucky young ladies to have each other. I know you will be the best team ever. Please keep the photos coming ! It’s only a pity that you are so far away, Gino adores such young and innocent ladies 😉 With his 5 years he is still a puppy when it comes to playing and – yes, tilting their heads, that’s something Golden can do so perfectly (I think they know about the effect). Enjoy those first months, they pass so quickly ! And book all mishaps under “I will be able to laugh one day when I look back…” Have much fun, the two of you ! angelika and gino

  3. OMG…So cute! I completely understand about the new love you’ve found with Phoebe. I feel the same way about my cat. I’m glad that you have a companion to keep you sane in singledom. I know my cat was a true comfort when I got lonely. I can’t wait to read more about her as she grows.

  4. Oh my goodness she’s absolutely adorable! SOOOOO CUTE! Her roly-poly belly and melting eyes. Really love the last picture of her… 🙂

  5. You have a very nice puppy.. how cute she is, so adorable that I can’t get my eyes off your pictures 🙂 Please post some more soon.

  6. The photo in the bathroom is really cute, like she thinks that spot is made just for her!

    And the bath picture….she does look like she wants you to stop! Poor girl….being SO cute and having to get her photo snapped all the time. Pity. If she only knew how truly adorable she is!

    maybe she does already, hmmm?

  7. Traca- Thanks. That last pic is my favorite as well.

    Angelika- Yeah, Maia is the same when it comes to retaining her inner puppy, which is lovely because she looooves to play with Phoebe now.
    Maia doesn´t do the head-tilting thing anymore… though she does do the “sitting straight and put my good kid face and most adorable eyes so you think I can do no wrong”.

    Jenifer- Yeah, pets are a good way to get our priorities right when we are feeling a bit down and I know Phoebe is going to be a great pal.

    Yue-Li- Yeah, that last pic is hilarious.

    Karine- I´ll try to post some more soon, though I try to refrain my proud-mom urges as much as possible because this is supposed to be a food blog after all! haha

    Kate- Yeah, she loves that spot… and she should enjoy it while it lasts because it won´t be long before she doesn´t fit there anymore.
    And she does have a hard job as a model hahaha and I don´t take as many pics as I should anyway, so she needs to learn to live with the price of being so unbearably cute lol

  8. wow, i’m not a dog person, but your puppy [especially the last photo out of the bath] is very very cute.

  9. Holy cow, what are you trying to do to me, woman? I am sitting at work without cute puppy eyes and paws anywhere near me! I need a fix so badly now! hehee

    You know, all retriever puppies are cute – but Phoebe has got to be the cutest of them all, hands down!

    I’m melting after seeing that last picture… =)

  10. Sooooo sweet! I love the wet look 🙂 Makes me just want to scoop them up!

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