Welcome to my new home!

Phew! So you´ve all found me… I was worried I might lose my few, but dear, readers 😉

As I said over at the old blog, this was a tough decision I made after trying to change the look of my old blog… and failing myserably.

This is my brand new home, and I´m loving it so far, though I still have quite a few things to figure out… luckily the weekend is coming up and I think I´m gonna be lucky enough to be work-free as of today.

I´ll be posting a Buenos Aires restaurant review soon (and I have a decadent chocolate recipe up my sleeve as well), so make yourselves comfortable, do you want a nice cup of coffee? some chai tea? with a puppie on the side maybe?



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4 responses to “Welcome to my new home!

  1. Oh, your baby is getting SO big!! Look at those paws! She’ll be a big girl soon enough.

    I used to be on blogger and when I went to WordPress it was SO easy! You will love it here. And your header is really neat! I love it

  2. Aww congrats on your new home =)

    I think I’d definitely like a cup of coffee with a huge helping of cute puppy on the side please!

  3. Tea would be nice…Lovely new home! Your pup is amazingly cute! Looking forward to coming back for more recipes!

  4. Kate- I know, she´s getting huge! She´s only 2 months old and she´s already 14 pounds. She´s behaving better though, so I´m reaaaaally happy about that.
    And thanks about the header, I still need to convince my brother to change the font, but in the meantime, it will have to do with weird accents and all.

    Lisa- one helping of cute puppie coming up! lol she loves people to play with so she won´t have any problems with that.

    Helen- Thanks for the welcome and the praise for Phoebe, good thing she doesn´t read otherwise she might start thinking she´s too good for me haha

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