Pip… unplugged

I´m back!!! Everything got fixed this morning… at 9 a.m., way too early for me since I had been out with friends till 2 a.m. and didn´t bother going to bed before 3 a.m., but this was definitely one of those cases when I don´t particularly mind sleeping less than usual.

If you had only seen me on Tuesday! I pretty much looked like a crackhead going cold turkey hahaha I do have an excuse though, I was already up to my neck with deadlines, and suddenly I had no means to upload and download stuff from the server. So what´s a girl to do? Go to one of the restaurants I have just outside of my apartment, thus solving two problems: what to have for lunch and how to upload stuff. What I wasn´t counting on was my computer not picking up their wi-fi signal correctly, but that´s another story.

A testament to how good the food is that I was able to enjoy the meal even though I was about to have a nervous breakdown hahaha AND, though it can be pricey at night, they have a very affordable lunch menu: starter, main course, drink and dessert for 20 pesos (less than 7 dollars).

I chose meat-mushroom empanadas for the starter, cheese-filled potato gnocchi with a gourgeous tomato sauce with arugula pesto… and I´m ashamed to say I chose to have coffee instead of dessert (which brought the price even lower to 18 pesos) because I knew my mind was not in a good place to allow me to fully enjoy the dessert.

Unfortunately, I don´t have any pictures of the whole deliciousness, but I do have their site (which has pictures under “fotos“) and I promise to be a good blogger next time I go and take some pictures myself. I´d definitely recommend going there for lunch if you live here or come here for a visit.

In the meantime, I recommend you follow my footsteps and make arugula pesto (this recipe doesn´t use garlic though, pesto without garlic??? WTF!). I simply made mine with a bunch of arugula, 3 garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon of parmessan and olive oil. I have it safely tucked in my fridge and used it for lunch today to make a very simple, yet very tasty, tomato-egg salad.


Oh, and I got the cutest coffe mug the other day, to add to my already large, and VERY ecclectic, collection.


crazy mug collection

crazy mug collection

I´ll to be back soon with a more focused post… no actual promises, you know, but at least I´ll try not to unleash 100 things at the same time without actually elaborating on anything in particular! Until then, please bear with this rambling mind for a while.


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3 responses to “Pip… unplugged

  1. Conniehttp://lifelovechocolate.typepad.com

    ha! nice collection of mugs. and that arugula pesto looks great

  2. Terry Bbluekitchen.wordpress.com

    The arugula pesto sounds wonderful. I’m curious how the garlic tasted with it. I’m a big fan of garlic, but arugula already has such a distinctive peppery flavor that I would be inclined to let it be the star. Did its taste still come through with the garlic?

  3. Marce

    Connie- lol thanks, it certainly can´t be told that I have a uniform personality… each moment needs its own type of mug haha

    Terry B.- Yeah, it is wonderful indeed, and no, I don´t feel it kills the arugula flavor, though I´d say you could start with one clove instead of three and take it from there. Maybe the garlic will get a bit too strong in a few days (I keep pesto for one or two weeks in a jar in the fridge)… I´ll let you know, but I´d say do 1 clove first to be on the safe side 🙂

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