tagging and weirdness

Kate tagged me for this meme of 6 weird food things about myself. It was quite hard to come up with 6 things, maybe because I don´t see any of my weirdness because they seem perfectly normal to me. I mean, I´ve got weirdness to boot in general, but I don´t know if food is included. Still, I did manage to come up with some things. Hope you enjoy it.

Marce´s list of 6 weird food things about herself

1. I like to eat raw doughs or cake mixes, be it a brownie mix, a raw gnocci (my grandma can attest to that fact), chocolate-chip dough or whatever. Of course, this is purely for scientific reasons, I need to make sure it tastes good before cooking it (you do believe me, don´t you?). In fact, one of the things I miss the most of being in the US is not having cookie-dough ice cream to buy (I think the one I had was Breyers ice-cream, but I keep hearing about Ben & Jerry´s ice cream now, so I´m gonna try that new time I´m in the US, ohh the sacrifices one has to make in the pursuit of culinary enlightment!

2. I don´t like any sort of blue cheese. I mean, it´s rotten, people, and it tastes rotten! I know, I know, that automatically deprives me of being a proper gourmand, but oh well, that´s something I´ll have to live with, as long as you keep that stinking cheese away from me! haha

3. I´ve never been to Paris and have never been particularly enamoured of all things French. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my grandparents are Italian, my great grandma was Spanish and another great grandma I never got to meet was Dutch, so I´ve always been more on the Italian-Spanish side. All I kept hearing growing up was that French food was pretentious and came in tiny plates. I do know better know, though I still love Italian-Argentine food above everything else… it´s inevitable, it´s like my palate and my nose are particularly attached to my childhood.

4. Something I´m very ashamed of: I lost weight when I visited Italy!!! What the #*!, I know, but my relatives kept insisting I should be eating more and gave me their relentless “mangia, mangia” (eat, eat), that I just didn´t feel like eating so much. Plus, I walked like crazy touring the different cities and the food was pretty healthy, so I´m sure that helped. Still, I feel like I let my inheritance down… well, maybe next time I´ll eat like a true champion.

5. All this talk of inheritance and family made me realize one thing. Even though I have some Dutch descent, I´ve never had a Dutch meal before. If any of you have recommendations of Dutch dishes to try, bring them on!

6. I don´t generally like sweet-sour combinations, which closes my food spectrum quite a bit. I´m trying to slowly train my palate, but I don´t think I´m making any progress.

Now, on to the tagging part of the deal. Of course, there´s no obligation to play along, but I think this is a fun topic. I just chose 6 bloggers to keep the 6 theme going, but feel free to join in and then post the link to your entry in the comments sections.

So I tag:

Lori at Dessert comes first
Deb at Smitten kitchen
The gourmet peasant
Luisa at The Wednesday chef
Jenjen at Milk and cookies
Brylin at Jumbo empanadas


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14 responses to “tagging and weirdness

  1. Anonymous

    Marce, You bug me!

  2. Marce

    hahahaha ok, then, but who cares?

  3. Anonymous

    Well, anyone who has a brain won’t because they won’t have read your “blog”

  4. Woman with kids

    Hey, anon. Here’s an idea. Go get your own blog. Post all you want. We’ll all ignore you.

    Um, hi Marce! I guess I’m delurking right now.

  5. Anonymous

    Okay, Woman, because discussing cutting costs on the home front is TOTALLY worth reading! Geez!

  6. Marce

    let me get this straight, anyone with a brain won´t care, yet you do not only read my blog, but post comments… interesting.

    I´ll guess I´ll have to start moderating comments 😦 This sort of discussion isn´t worth it.

  7. Marce

    And to Woman with kids: Welcome aboard 🙂

  8. Brilynn

    Challenge accepted Marce! Hop on over to my place to find out 6 weird things about me.

  9. Rachael

    very entertaining… I think I share all of your food oddities by the way!!

  10. Anonymous

    Hello! I have popped over from the link on Smitten Kitchen..nice website!

    Normally I’m not a comment-er, but when I saw you were an interpreter…I really want to become an interpreter, too, (I’ll start college next fall) so I was wondering if you had any advice for me :)…like, is there anything in particular (aside from target langauges) I should study? Is it worth it to get a Masters of interpretation?

  11. me7c7v

    hello! I ended up here through a link on Smitten Kitchen, and usually I’m a lurker, but I had a question for you. It’s not food-related, though, so you don’t really have to answer…

    I saw that you were an interpreter. That’s what I really want to do 🙂 🙂 I spent a year in Japan on high school exchange, and am going to start college in the fall…so I was wondering if you had any advice for me. Is there anything I study in particular (aside from the target langauge)? Is it worth it to get a Masters of Interpretation? How do you get started with work??

    thaaank youuu

    oh, and why is your comments site in Japanese?! I can read it, but…

  12. Marce

    me7c7v- Welcome! Well, I don´t know much about interpreting since I am a translator, not an interpreter. My guess is that any training or masters is always a good idea. Have you visited Proz.com? They even have a forum on interpreting at http://www.proz.com/forum/67

    If you are in the US, I heard that the Monterrey Institute is the best place to study translation or interpretation there. I also know that many interpreters get jobs at court after taking an exam… though I wouldn´t imagine there is much job for Eng-Jap at court… so maybe conference interpreting would be your best shot.

    By the way, first time I hear my comments site is in Japanese! That´s weird.

  13. The Gourmet Peasant

    No one ever thinks their habits are weird. And so what if you don’t like blue cheese! Personally I love it, but I can’t argue with you, it is rotten.

  14. Jess

    Hi Marce

    I know this is a little late, but I have just discovered your blog and am trawling through your archives…I am Australian but have a Dutch partner, and after living in the Netherlands for a while have picked up some delicious Dutch recipes. If you are so inclined, I would recommend trying to make kapucijners (not sure if that’s the right spelling?) which is a traditional dish made from legumes called kapucijners, with onions, curry powder, speck and apples – delicious and hearty. Some other favourites of mine are croquettes (labour intensive but worth every minute) and anything with Dutch aged Gouda cheese. If you’re interested, there are some great Dutch recipe sites containing a really wide variety of dishes, I will have to dig up the links for you!

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