Well, after taking pretty much forever to write a second entry, I´ve decided the direction I want to take. No, I don´t mean with my life, I´m pretty far of figuring that one out, but with this blog… if we can call it that.

Since moving out on my own last August, I´ve explored my love for cooking even further. See, I have always been a cookie-brownie person. So I rarely cooked savory food, that was my mom´s job. Nowadays, with no one around to do it, I have been experimenting with different flavors and getting some pretty good results. With my friends as my personal guinea pigs, I´ve been getting rave reviews so far.

So I´ve decided to contribute to the densely populated ranks of food bloggers… though I still plan on writing about life in general or whatever suits my fancy when I feel like it.

So get ready for muffins, brownies and endless amounts of quiches, veggie dishes and Asian food… hope you enjoy the ride. I´m hoping to learn a lot and explore different flavors with all of you.

Here are a few pictures…

pumpkin, corn and cheese pie

lemon cake... adapted into muffins


mmmm noodles



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7 responses to “foodie

  1. Anonymous

    Your photos look much, well, exactly like those on smitten’s website. I do hope she was paid for the use of her photos as well as the other sites you took them from…naughty naughty…

  2. Pip

    wow, such a shame that the first comment I get is that negative. No, they are not from Deb´s site. In fact, I told her about this site and what´s the point of stealing somebody´s photos anyway? The only recipe that she did of the pics above is the lemon cake, but she did it in a bundt shape, so that doesn´t even match… and I wasn´t even going to post the recipes for the photos above. Please check properly before leaving negative comments without anything to back you up.

  3. deb

    I can assure you, these are not my photos. Marce is making you drool on her skills alone. I am flattered, nonetheless.

  4. Anonymous

    Do you have another blog then? Because I can tell you I have seen these exact photos and not on your blog. Perhaps I saw them on another link, but I have seen them, and if I was wrong, if they were in fact yours, I will certainly apologize.

  5. Pip

    No, this is my first blog, as is pretty self evident by the lack of links and all the technical stuff I have yet to figure out.
    The only other place you might have seem them at is my flickr page, which you can access by clicking on the pics. Now, if you want to keep thinking I stole the pics, be my guest, there´s no other way to prove you wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    Pip, It may have been on your flicker page, which I may have accessed through Deb’s page. I do offer my most sincere apologies! You are right, I should have checked my facts a bit more…much more. See, that is why I am not in the news industry. Again, I was wrong, Pip’s pics are all her own, and I was…alas, a jackass.

  7. Pip

    well, you are forgiven, whoever you are. I hope you enjoy the photos and recipes.

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